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Subject: 5' white genoa / questions Replies: 2
Posted By: johnlvs2run Views: 969
I'm near the central cali coast and got a 5 foot (153cm) white genoa yesterday that is 1 inch (25cm) diameter, in a 15 gallon pot. 
There are 14 small hard figs on the tree. 

I'm planning to grow the tree in espalier fashion, with branches at 3 and 5 feet (90 and 150cm).

The climate is moderate here, with a few nights slightly below freezing, and quite moderate days through the year.
There is an average of 14 inches (35cm) of rain, that comes all in the winters.

I would like to get some affirmation that it's best to cut off the figs. 
Also, is it better to put the tree in the ground now, as this will give it a more stable environment, or is it better to stay in the pot until spring.
I will probably leave the tree outside in either case, as the pot is too big to keep moving around.


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