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Subject: Hello, new here Replies: 1
Posted By: Labiocious Views: 578
Hey all. My name is Li. I live in MA and have four fig trees. Two are rescued from my mother. She has a three year old and a two year old tree. My two are two years and new this year.

I'm trying to figure out whether they are doing poorly or I am just being impatient. The oldest tree produced just two figs this year. I am fairly certain this tree it pot bound. Can I repot it now, or should i just wait until it goes dormant and repot it next spring?

My two year old tree looks great, lots of leaves; but it only produced five figs. I've eaten two, big and delicious.

The other two have none. Not even fig buds.

I see pictures here and on other forums of trees much smaller than mine loaded with fruit. I bought them all from the Farmer's Market. The guy said they were self pollinating varieties.

Any ideas? I do not know what variety they are, but I have some pictures of the fruit I can get up later.

Thank you.


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