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Subject: Espalier fig project - Japanese method Replies: 61
Posted By: Chivas Views: 3,457
Byron, Baud had recommended that the potassium should be higher than the nitrogen for production of figs, 7-3-10 and 6-3-10 (the later one would be used after spring).  The potassium does help but this is my first year trying this so it was not a great year to see the affects.  Next year we will see how it works, but this is also for organic production, the ratios i don't think should change much, I believe what ascpete is doing is very similar to these ratios and may be easier to obtain what he is using.

Subject: Zone six inground tree with pics (What i Learned) Replies: 12
Posted By: Chivas Views: 725
Niagara Black with produce even top killed, had 1 so far, more to come, would be sooner but bad summer.  Colisanti 3 will as well, rdb as well.  For now that's all I can say for certain.

Subject: Espalier fig project - Japanese method Replies: 61
Posted By: Chivas Views: 3,457
How deep are you putting the pine shavings? 6 inches is my first thought.

Subject: Another Espalier Project Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 741
If the proper amount of drippers with the proper capacity is used you will saturate the entire root zone.  You just have to manage the dry back as if they get over dry then they will not saturate completely so in this case flooding from the bottom will offer more room for error in maintaining an even saturation.  I use 2 l/hour drippers and if I don't watch the dry back they will only saturate the part area, on a 25 gallon half barrel of medium, I need around 8 to get even saturation when I am not managing the dry back very well.  They will get about 40 litres of water per day in a hot summer, which is roughly 30-40 % of the volume of the medium which results in quiet a bit of drain.  This year they got 5 drippers and would need supplemental water from the hose. 7 gallon can use 2-3 drippers and with 4 drippers on half an hour gives 4 litres of water which full saturates the medium but will require 3-4 rounds per day when is hot to keep good saturation, if I want drier then 2-3 rounds is all that is needed.  This applies to fully grown and expanding root systems, not when establishing root systems.

Subject: Espalier fig project - Japanese method Replies: 61
Posted By: Chivas Views: 3,457
I tried it last year with clothes line wire and t posts, it worked very well, but they died due to bad winter protection on my part, I didn't repeat as I left the to grow up more and I planted more varieties as well in ground so it took up more space in the end.  RdB would be a great candidate for this in northern regions, it grows very vigorously.

Subject: Three cultivars got ripe fruits here: they are: Replies: 81
Posted By: Chivas Views: 3,763
How far along are your col de damas?  I have 1 ripening in pot in hoophouse now, should be ready next week, just curious to compare, black madiera in pot is showing no signs yet and may not ripen at all.

Subject: Hoping there is still time for ripening Replies: 22
Posted By: Chivas Views: 835
Looking good Grant, how is your Panachee doing?  Mine is still quiet slow with this weather and not ripening, I am hoping you have good luck with it this year.

Subject: Unk. Dalmatia Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 567
Looks very similar to colisanti #3 when it ripens for me, it survived the cold winter and dogs chewing it down and will ripen some figs in the coming weeks.

Subject: Plants lost this past winter Replies: 44
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,624
I got you covered on some of these Nelson, I will get you Niagara Black back as well, to me this is great fig in our climate, survived the winter without compelete dying and put figs on so I am counting on this one for years to come.

Subject: Common Bulgarian fig Replies: 14
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,146
Thanks for sharing, is that -20 unprotected?  I am curious how many of my figs in a few years will be able to take that abuse.  Do you get strong winds in the winter as well?

Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,193

I believe he has more as well not listed, just ask.

Subject: 194 feet of growth in 5 months, fall stepover update Replies: 56
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,949
You should try it with the col de dama's, they are still vigorous from what I have seen but maybe these are better figs for your climate with less growth than VdB.

Subject: Good Quality /Organic Soil Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 707
For me, I am using compost, composted manure, top soil, sand and lava rock for drainage.  It may not meet certified organic as the sources aren't listed organic but for me this is good enough and by the time I am eating figs off the trees, anything that may be an insecticide or chemical will have dissipated from the soil.  It's not ideal for me but it is the best solution given my situation as I cannot find large volumes of certified ingredients all the time so instead I opt for local, never from the city though.  Also the compost I used has peat moss in it as well.

Subject: Article on Adriano F. Replies: 14
Posted By: Chivas Views: 626
I had Adriano fig, I didn't much care for it, so it got left outside in winter and died.  Tough skin and didn't taste good for me.

Subject: Niagara Black ripening Replies: 43
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,066
When properly ripe it should be deep dark red inside from my experience (only 1 year of ripe figs from it) but I let it drip honey for about a week before picking which was just right when the weather was colder.

Subject: Delicious RdB late August 2014 Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 900
YOu have had better luck with yours this year compared to mine, mine are larger than normal and with the humidity and cold they split and don't get to ripen properly, the properly ripe ones are getting attacked by the ants.

Subject: Niagara Black ripening Replies: 43
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,066
The drop of honey is deceptive, it drips well before ripe so you should exercise patience when harvesting it.

Subject: The last Zidi 2014 Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 809
That is huge fig and looks gorgeous, a great one to finish it's season on, hope  you are getting many more next year.

Subject: Productivity Black Madeira vs CDD white Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 469
Looks good, My col de dama is putting out lots of top growth  but only put out half a dozen figs earlier in the season and now it wants to produce more small ones, but not at the tips more in the middle of branches.  I do not pinch this tree though.

Subject: Three cultivars got ripe fruits here: they are: Replies: 81
Posted By: Chivas Views: 3,763
That is good news Herman, I have a rdb that died to soil  aside form 2 inch stubs in the ground, figs have not ripened yet , and not too many will ripen this season as it made a larger 7 foot wide bush all around about 6 feet tall.  The one that I had in pot and planted in ground is ripening a couple right now so it is good for me to know that when you speak of ripening this year I am likely 2-3 weeks behind you.

Subject: OT: Anyody know what this tree is? Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 765
Looks a lot like black chokecherry, I really like the red chokecherries, more acidic than bitter but takes some work to pick them.

Subject: Wolfskill public fig and grape tasting today Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 622
What was the desert?  It looks really great.

Subject: For my breakfast of today Replies: 24
Posted By: Chivas Views: 885
That is a great breakfest, look good enough to just spread on the toast by itself.

Subject: Most Vigorous Cutting 2014 Replies: 23
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,068
Between colar and col de dama blanc.  I think colar is a bit more but col de dama blanc has grown so much in the hoophouse I don't think it can count the same way.

Subject: Leaf curling problem? Replies: 12
Posted By: Chivas Views: 482
It looks to me like it has gotten too much heat, my lsu gold does this when it is hot, I just water it and it gets less but on hot, sunny days it is worse, maybe try putting it somewhere that shades it mid day sun?

Subject: Braçajote - Black and White Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 563
These look beautiful, I am very glad that you are always sharing these varieties in picture form and also the history/description of them, next best thing to actually be eating them.

Subject: best figs for drying? Replies: 23
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,020
The ones i got from Spain one year were excellent, calabacita.  UCD has this variety but I believe it is not available for cuttings yet and is planned to be put into the new orchard.  Small figs, but awesome flavour, they cover them in rice flour, although I cannot remember why.

Subject: Cotios - drying on the tree Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 497
Those look gorgeous, wish that we can find them here easily.  They are looking better than the ones from california and turkey.

Subject: Slowly I turned... step by step... Replies: 14
Posted By: Chivas Views: 699
Try leaving it longer on the tree to ripen, last year was my first year for it and the first I picked like yours but then later ones I left longer and they got darker inside, very sweet and juicy then too.  The dripping honey fools me because it can drip before it is even ripe and it just oozes out.

Subject: Aqua Cloner Project Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,058
Careful of the fish, they like to eat plant roots.

Subject: Which figs have most continuous main crop? Replies: 26
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,071
RdB seems to keep on pumping out figs.  I don't know how long it would go for, but if I had a longer season I would get a lot more figs off of mine.

Subject: End-of Season Fertilizers, Tonics....etc. Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 739
Epsom salts work well to boost magnesium and sulfate, potassium sulfate is more effective for sulfate though if needing magnesium and not adding dolimitic lime, then epsom salts would be the way to go, not that you need much to begin with.

Subject: Freezing figs Replies: 3
Posted By: Chivas Views: 262
My neighbour does it every year and she has good results she says, never tried it but her figs are small, something like a hardy chicago by the looks of it, but I can't be sure exactly what it is.

Subject: FMV Free UC Davic Black Ischia and UC Davis Black Madeira Replies: 35
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,396
I am glad that you mention pH.  I do not care to check mine, although I should and even though I don't, it's is a very important part of growing anything in containers or hydroponics.  soils have more buffers etc and you are able to get away with more drift but sharing that trees with leaves showing symptoms of either fmd or perhaps it was just nutrient deficiency that was the problem, in either case it does no matter it just shows that the tree is able to uptake what it needs and responded.  The importance of this is do not give up on trees like this, better to check pH and nutrients before giving up because it could turn around easily with some adjustments, maybe it won't but it's worth a try. 

Subject: Calvert and Black Madeira Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 559
Calvert looks amazing, great job.

Subject: heresy alert - muscadines Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 590
Muscadine Jelly definitely, I need to find out if I can grow them here in my climate.

Subject: Man's Best Friend Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 421
Njfred, how does it hold up in the rain?  I am just wondering if you would have to do several times if it got taken off by the rain.

Subject: BEES! The insect I hate! Replies: 43
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,238
you can use diotomaecous earth, but you have to get contact on them to work so you may get stung a lot.  You could put some fish on top of the nest at dusk and hope some raccoons will come and dig them out for you.

Subject: Capelas (made a rebound) Replies: 19
Posted By: Chivas Views: 775
That is a good tip about removing it from the old pot and repotting.  I have had to do that to about 5 trees so far, and it drastically improved them.

Subject: Some air layers Replies: 17
Posted By: Chivas Views: 478
I am finding about 2-3 days in shade then a few more days in semi shade about 1 week and they are good to go, usually it takes about 2 weeks so these temperatures are good for something.

Subject: Below average temps Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 672
I think cutting down on the water will help with cooler temperatures but it wont be a cure for the cold weather.  I have two colar brebas ripening and it could take another week to ripen and they are not colouring very well already so my thought is the quality will be poorer than it should have been.

Subject: Fig tree's dead? Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 5,147
My Noire de Caromb is just breaking dormant buds in the last couple days, i don't think I will keep it around but they will come back.

Subject: preparing the tree 4 larger main crop harvest Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 631
From what I see the past two seasons, pinching the tips of fig trees for me is beneficial if the tree is not producing embryos on time, if it starts produced embryos around 5-6 nodes then pinching in my opinion reduces harvest as it will put out more figs if producing at this point.  If they do not produce embyros pinching can help force them out, so far negronne and black mission have been the only ones to not do this for me.  If you are going to pinch, it would be better to do earlier than later as it will take time for new embryos to form on new growth once pinched in my experience, that being said if you get good early growth and pinch you could also have a good harvest but for me leaving un pinched if producing embryos at the right nodes is more important as well as what Grasa is saying to remove those figs that aren't proper size.  Herman has also been recommending and practicing this for years so it is good to see this working well on the west coast of the country as well.  My only other observation is that higher potassium (about 2 times the amount of nitrogen ie. 3-1-6 or 3-2-9) will produce more figs as well and was recommended by Baud, but that is not at the start of the season it would be as there are roughly 2-3 leaves already out.  I have tried 6-3-10 ratio and it worked well but I think based on variety it could be changed to better suit production, although I doubt I will look into it much more as it would be very time consuming to figure this out, although the col de dama's I will most likely feed 6-3-12 next year as they are very vegetative and the extra potassium I do not think will hurt them, but for now it is just a guess. 

Subject: Tex inspired Candied Figs Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 712
Looks like greek to me.

Subject: VDB Negronne Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 408
Tex, so you would keep boiling them in sugar every day for an hour for a week?  That is quiet a bit of work.  Do you use fresh fruits or dried?

Subject: VDB Negronne Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 408
May I ask how you make candied figs?  

Subject: Portuguese figs Replies: 32
Posted By: Chivas Views: 933
Welcome, nice looking figs, am I correct in guessing that they pingo de mel?

Subject: Store Bought Figs.. product of U.S.A. Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 567
Great find Tyler, I never find ones this good in the stores here.

Subject: Late ripeners Replies: 14
Posted By: Chivas Views: 920
Those dried figs look very delicious, like candy.  How is the Euxario?  It looks like a very big fig but is it also a tasty variety?

Subject: Eating figs - room temp or refrigerated? Replies: 26
Posted By: Chivas Views: 687
I prefer fresh off the tree or shortly after, morning not so much but mid day to evening for me is the best.


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