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Subject: Fig cultivars cold hardeness , differences!? Replies: 29
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,639
Very interesting results, I have an extra Col De Dama Blanc I will plant in ground this year (two years old) but i am going to train it to be a step over fig, about 7 feet long and next year with 6-7 vertical branches.  Now seeing your Col de Dama Gris survived halfway with no protection with 10 degrees f, we had 0 degrees f this winter, but all my in ground trees survived well with protection, I am confident that with protection the col de dama blanc has a very good chance to survive winter here as a single stem then to allow the vertical growth.  I will plant it in a spot that is usually the last one to get frost and is more protected from wind by a fence, hoophouse and a shed on north and south of it.  

I know a 2 year old tree is much younger than what you are using but so far Celeste, Colisanti dark and Dalmatie all survive winter well being two years old and the fmv infested VdB seems to be fine where it sent out uninfected (or symptomless growth) other than a few inches of die back.  Your findings give me hope to try it and see how successful I am with these because I can try, I hope not to fail but I am ready for that if it comes.

Did you ever try Ronde de Bordeaux for cold hardiness?  I am planting a 2 year old this year for step over as well so I am rolling the dice, but with back ups just in case.

Subject: Which fig trees will do good in zone 6b Replies: 12
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,333!-6296360

Subject: How to get a fig tree, not a fig bush? Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 6,818
I would suggest a Col de Dama since a large tree of that with late harvest of delicious fruit would be a choice for me.  

Although now getting someone else to explain the french to me in that translation, Baud is only saying that 16 feet is the maximum height normally in the orchard with pruning done, so in the end I couldn't say how tall, sorry for the confusion and the lack of good understanding of french on my part.  He says that height for everything, including panachee.

Subject: How to get a fig tree, not a fig bush? Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 6,818
RdB, according to Baud, will get around 16 feet tall and 23 feet wide.

Subject: How to get a fig tree, not a fig bush? Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 6,818

Several style including bush tree and pyramid

pruning Almonds, although I think it would work well for figs.

several pruning instructions again

I think if you look at it this way you will get what you like,  decide how tall you want the trunk before you see branches, then envision a bush style fig tree starting at that point.  This is basically like a wine glass or as they call it open vase pruning, I think this would do well for you as well.

I would also air layer as was mentioned before you get rid of the one trunk so you would have a central leader not two.

Subject: Help with identifying leaf issues Replies: 5
Posted By: Chivas Views: 441
It looks like sun burn to me, can happen if the tree is not used to the sunlight and got too much at once or if you get water on the leaves and it is a sunny day it can burn them like magnifying glass.

Subject: Coll de Dama Rimada Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,238

The figs, pear, large and showy, are yellow with a green striped very characteristic longitudinal and very striking. Are symmetrical in shape and uniform in dimensions. No abnormal growths or fruits have paired. The flesh is deep red color, very tasty; achenes few and small. The thin skin is tough, little cracked, but at the end of maturation has a fine cracks very little marked. Have good resistance to rain and dews, and transportation. They are very sensitive to the opening of the ostiole and detachment.

That is a rough translation I did from Pons books with good translate so it may be a bit off.

It has medium vigour, doesn't drop easily, no brevas (of course) but produces from sept 6- 24 oct in Mallorca so it will be a couple days later than the negra according to his data.  For uses he has it listed as it is for fresh consumption.

I got bummed out since it can split open easily (not sure how), but not from rain or dew at least.

Subject: issues with container soil. Replies: 44
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,905
I have mixed chc with coir roughly that same percent as mentioned above and I mix that 50 - 50 with composted sheep manure, the trees grow fast and so do the roots, so far it has worked well, heavy but not bad at all.  Best part is it holds moisture a bit better than peat, although it can be difficult to fully wet it again, so with my mix it works best to use drip irrigation, which in the height of summer means 3 times per day or 1.5 litres per dripper (roughly 3 litres of water per 18 gallon tub or 6 litres for 30 gallon tub per day) That worked for me last year anyways for what it's worth.

Subject: soil - inquiry Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 650
On a side note Calvin, try growing some wild blueberries, you may be just on the edge of hardiness for them but they are so tasty, don't expect big plants or big yields though.

Subject: How can I get a fig to bush out? Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 582
I do not read Japanese either however I believe it is meant to be done while dormant, although if you see suckers or some extra branches you know you don't want I would do a summer thinning.

Subject: How can I get a fig to bush out? Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 582

This is a pretty good idea for open vase style pruning.

Subject: Has winters grip been broken Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 603
I just moved mine out yesterday, maybe have to move some in and out end of the week.

Subject: RDB and Kathleen Black Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,112
I will let you  know next year with my RdB that I am planting in ground.

Subject: soil - inquiry Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 650
I would say try your local dump for free compost, or local farms.  If you mixed your pine needles/ pine bark with the compost/topsoil it should be just fine I would think.

Subject: which figs would you offer. Replies: 12
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,136
For Common type I would suggest Ronde de Bordeaux and Col de Damas as well.  Ronde will give earlier production and Col de damas late.

Subject: What's your fastest growing cutting this year? Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,215
By far, Ronde De Bordeaux from Baud, it was a bareroot that I bought from him (no worries I complied fully with the Canadian Gov't in the importation and did everything they required) it took forever to grow, but in the last 5 weeks or so, it has grown 2-2.5 feet long (one branch is longer than the other) this will make a great step over fig I think and that's how it will be used.

Subject: bah.. just not a good week. Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 588
Maybe try adrianos tip of driving a large spike in 1 or 2 places in the top of the compacted soil, then water into those holes slowly to wet the soil back up.

Subject: I don't know what to do! Dead? Replies: 7
Posted By: Chivas Views: 557
Hold out hope, I have had several this season that did nothing for about 2 months then they grew all of the sudden.

Subject: Spring is finally here Replies: 4
Posted By: Chivas Views: 449
If they are in ground and being protected that way, uncover them now is no problem, I uncovered mine about 3 weeks ago or more and I probably lost most of the brebas but I would have knocked them off in the first place, most of the Italians have now uncovered their trees this week.

Subject: Acclimating new figs to the cold Replies: 5
Posted By: Chivas Views: 826
If you can, I would say open the plastic during the day, not completely off, and keep that up for a week combined with what you already said with the heater and you could probablly start to take the plastic off for a couple hours a day for a few days then longer and longer etc if it's not too difficult.

Subject: repotted figs today.. i'm in trouble. Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,314
Pete, try raised beds for the figs, that should help with some of the problems with the clay, not to mention a big load of manure and gravel.  I have seen in Pon's book and Baud's book when planting a fig tree they put around 4-6 inches of gravel, then good soil and manure on top if I understood it right, if you are able to do the same (I know it's a lot of work) then you should be doing not too bad that way.

If you need to get rid of light types, Martin would be able to help you out I think, the barrel seems well used.

Subject: A Big Thank You Replies: 5
Posted By: Chivas Views: 670
That's fantastic, not only do you have the tree but you will most likely taste it's fruits this summer too!

Subject: High Tunnel Advantages Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,366
Poly lock for fastening plastic to the structure is the best to strength and ease to put on and off, be careful because it can poke holds in your plastic if you're not careful.

Subject: repotted figs today.. i'm in trouble. Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,314
If you want to get rid of trees just put out a sign in the front yard saying free, they will be gone quickly.

Subject: Brugmansia ORDER Replies: 2
Posted By: Chivas Views: 504
He won't ship until May or June when the weather breaks.  

5. Due to very cold weather in Quebec, shipping of plants by mail will be suspended from October to May.

But like Bass said, it would get you farther to ask Danny yourself, he would have a better answer than anyone here.

Subject: Brugmansia-Qu├ębec Replies: 3
Posted By: Chivas Views: 759
Yes, everything I ordered.

Subject: hair root. Replies: 3
Posted By: Chivas Views: 470
Root hairs are the ones taking up water and nutrients more readily, the thicker ones can, but in limited capacity and act more like storage.  

Subject: Dogs like sticks Replies: 36
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,766
My older dog chewed only negronne last year or when he want to lay under the tree in summer, he chewed a spot out so he would have shade but stopped since then.  Now the little girl has chewed some healthy branches, but only the tips so far, she seems to have stopped but they really love roses, she only has chewed on the dead wood so far but she destroyed a paw paw then saw i was angry and chewed it to the ground.  Now she seems to be taking only branches from the ground after pruning so we will see.

Subject: Valle Negra superior to Violette de Bordeaux Replies: 22
Posted By: Chivas Views: 4,524
Good sign if you can't fit the entire plant in the picture, very vigorous variety!

Subject: i need a papaya "expert". Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 512
My apologies then, I didn't know you could identify them at that stage.

Subject: i need a papaya "expert". Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 512
As far as I know (I am far from an expert) if it is from unknown seed, you have to wait about 7-9 months from germination to see flowers what it is.  Most of the Carribean Red variety are hermies but the rest I do not know. 

Subject: how good is Panache? Replies: 35
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,802
Martin, even as a Chimera it starts as a yellow/green fig...

Subject: FedEx sent me a shipping notice! Replies: 24
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,022
That's funny Paul I requested the same thing, but I donated money to make sure they send him brown turkey as well so it's not a total white fig fest.

Subject: how good is Panache? Replies: 35
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,802
Extra humidity will cause them to split, right from the eye and then they will start to mold unless it is dry after it splits, it was really a disappointment for me last year, 1 more week and it would have been fantastic but it split and started to mold, I tried it and it was sweet even un ripe and had a slight raspberry taste.

Subject: Dead To The Ground. Some Observations and Some Questions. Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 863
For what it's worth I un wrapped my trees a couple weeks ago and we have had -15 Celsius windchill since then a couple times, but no more damage than what was there before, I always wait to prune them until the trees have started growing, sometimes I'm surprised, not too often but once in awhile.

Subject: Fig project and hedge update Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,099
You're going to have a great summer next year!

Subject: Anyone have Panache Cuttings 4 sale Replies: 31
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,869
Gina, in my experience with the Panachee here is that she grows quickly and very vigorous, I got mine from UCD.  They have grown to be my second fastest tree(it put on about 3 feet of growth last year), it grows a tad bit faster than Diredo did for me, but slightly slower than Colisanti Dark if that is any point of reference.

Subject: bonemeal in potted figs Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,536
If you get too much epsom salts on a plant it can burn, but if you wash it off with water it should be fine, but I wouldn't add too much to a pot anyways, it helps for magnesium and sulfur.  

Subject: Just when I thought it was over Replies: 7
Posted By: Chivas Views: 739
I still left mine un covered, I think they will be ok since they haven't even started to green up on the buds yet and they had lower temps in the fall, -9 celcius plus windchill, fingers crossed.

Subject: Is Manure good for the fig tree? Replies: 49
Posted By: Chivas Views: 5,506
Composted sheep manure is no problem, I have used it 50-50 with coir and had nothing but great results. 

Subject: Some thoughts/info on potting mixes Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,843
The ones I got were 8-16 mm (.3-.6 inches)  They have larger sizes but like you, I wanted the smaller ones.  Where I work they used to grow roses and they would put 2-4" of the hydroton on the bottom of the pot so the roses wouldn't have wet feet and for diesease pressure etc. 

It's not the greatest to have such variation in the size but eventually maybe I can find more uniform product, when they get into the larger pots like 20 gallon, I doubt that it will be much issue.

I had to order them for the same reason as what you said, the shops around here are not carrying the size that I wanted.

Subject: Please Define Full Sun Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,206
I am with Pete I put mine in direct sun all day long, some miss a couple hours so that means about 11-13 hours of sun a day.  One tree I have in ground is in 9-10 hours of sun in the spring but 7-8 hours in the fall when the sun changes the angle, usually when the bulk of it's figs are ripening but they seem to taste just as good as the mother tree and she's in full sun.

Subject: Some thoughts/info on potting mixes Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,843
I am starting to like the expanded clay pellets (one brand is hydroton) in my mix I am only trying it out this year so far but they are light weight, they are more sparse than perlite since they are bigger but it is still keeping it more open soil imo.  We will see how it does in the summer time but I don't think it will be a problem.

Subject: An end to the contained figs in sight Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 843
Grow some brown turkey figs if you get pigs, you could feed them all to them and some acorns if you can give up the space.

Subject: finally the pix.. Panache putting out roots. Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 681
Watch out Pete, she really is vigorous and for me she has always tried to grow more vertical than horizontal.  

Subject: bonemeal in potted figs Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,536
1 Bale Sunshine mix #2 or ProMix 
2 L Bone Meal - phosphorus source 
1 L Blood Meal - nitrogen source 
1 1/3 cups Epsom salts - magnesium source 
3-4 cups dolomite lime -calcium source & pH buffering 
1 tsp fritted trace elements 
1/2 - 1 bag chicken manure (steer, mushroom, etc) - nitrogen & trace elements 
Mix thoroughly, moisten, and let sit 1-2 weeks before use. 

This is a string mix meant for vegetables in pots, you could probably cut the bone mean and blood meal in half but I have not tried it with figs so I don't know how it will preform with them and I would suggest instead of chicken manure sheep or horse or rabbit if you can get it.

Subject: Fig tree pruning done, Whew!!! Replies: 7
Posted By: Chivas Views: 823
There is a tree near me that is having the same thing happening with left over figs and some frost damage, I will keep an eye on them to see if they fall off or keep developing, this tree is in a greenhouse and only got to maybe -2 or -3 Celsius.

Subject: Fertigation best practices? Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,345
That is great info Gina, I guess I take my water pressure for granted here so I didnt have that problem, but it is good to know and now I will have to double check things this year at home.

Subject: Fertigation best practices? Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,345  Hose sphyon injector.

These can work well but only usually come at one ratio 1:16, meaning that it dilute your concentrated fertilizer to a 16th of the concentrated strength.  If you put your concentrate in a open container and leave it for a few days evaporation will happen making your concentrate stronger than what you intended so you would have to be careful with that, other than that they are cheap and relatively simple, anything you drip in make sure it does not have a lot of solids or dissolved solids as they will plug your emitters, ie fish fertilizer.  

I run town water on drip to my figs and other plants and fertilize them by hand with fish fertilizer and they seem to really do well with it, it can get tiresome in the summer to fertilizer everything but it works.  For best taste, try not to over fertilize and over water your figs whatever you do choose.  

Subject: Kathleen's Black breba clump. Replies: 7
Posted By: Chivas Views: 496
I hope you get some good heat for them to ripen nicely for you.


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