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Subject: Which soil would you use for pots? Pics to choose from... Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,492
This is a mix I got from Baud's book in France, so far the roots grow really well into it, I have not used it outside in the summer time and the downside I see to it is that when it dries up it shrinks so water has to be slowly added to wet it back up, not a problem so much for me as I use drip irrigation but if it becomes too shrunken, scratching the surface of it to make it rough will help the water soak in or Adriano's tip of jamming a spike into a spot of the soil would help too.

30% good top soil
10% composted manure
50% compost or peat blended compost
10% drainage rocks/sand

Subject: Newbie In The House Replies: 26
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,249
I can't wait to see how things go for you there, I know James is a forum member here from Texas I am sure he can give you a few tips about your area ( If it similar to his I know texas is a big state).

Hope to see you with plates full of figs this summer/Autumn 

Subject: Black Madeira fig Replies: 108
Posted By: Chivas Views: 16,116
For me it is a medium vigour fig that doesn't show the virus until mid-late summer (mid july to august) It is going into it's third year and it is about 3 feet tall (or would have been if I didn't try to take an air layer off the top)  I got 3 figs from it last year at the end of september to start of october, they were good, not too sweet, some distinctive flavour but only subtle, probably too cold for full flavour, but it was syrupy (like a watered down honey) and I am happy to grow it again and again even if I get a dozen figs this year (maybe more like 20) I will be happy to know that I will likely get 100 figs a year from it when the weather co-operates (it is in a 30 gallon tub now and may go into the 50-60 gallon later on)

I also trippled the fish fertilizer feed on it and that pushed it to really grow the first year and last year, I have 1 cutting for someone else and it shows the virus right away, mild, but still there so I hope it will survive.

Subject: Question on Zones that you can't grow fig trees in ground Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,065
There are some members here growing in zone 4 (Canadian)  I don't know if they have grown them before or if this is the first year though.

Subject: ficus sycomorus cuttings? Replies: 25
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,987
I have seeds for it but I doubt they will produce the parthenocarpic varieties.

Planteur123,  There are some good instructions here.

Subject: Brown scales on developing fruit Replies: 6
Posted By: Chivas Views: 577
I can't say for sure without seeing a picture but it could be that they were scratched when they were smaller and now that they are developing more they are only showing the scar/scab now.  

That is just my guess but without seeing it could be a number of other things as well.

Subject: broken brick? Replies: 8
Posted By: Chivas Views: 935
Hydroton is expanded clay pebbles and are very light, I would recommend them over brick or lava rock.  I have heard of south american countries growing vegetables in greenhouses growing in Lava Rock only instead of rockwool etc, it works but it's not the best to use for overall plant health and yield.

Crushed up brick really is just chunks or dust of clay no?

Subject: Would you consider this root bound? Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 855
I agree, just cut any roots that are circling and put it into a new pot she'll take off quickly enough.

Subject: GM figs - tell us about them, please. Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 926
Maltese Beauty, all I can say is what it is doing from november till now, it takes forever to root then it grows like a weed, big leaves, it looks like it wants to be productive because at every node it's trying to push out a fig.  That is just a cutting from november though.

Subject: UC Davis 2013 order arrived Replies: 23
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,438
The col de dame from UCD is Col de dame blanc.

Subject: Sunday may be the day Replies: 19
Posted By: Chivas Views: 986
I lied, I uncovered all my in ground trees today, Colisanti Dark, Dalmatie, Celeste and VdB.  All are alive with the only ones showing more than an inch of damage being VdB and Celeste.  The VdB has a sevre case of FMV and the healthy branches are in good shape, just not more than 2 of them to start with.

Subject: Sunday may be the day Replies: 19
Posted By: Chivas Views: 986
I going to take out the layer of 'stuffing' insulation out today and then leave the wrap insulation for another couple weeks probably here but half to end march all my trees will be un covered.

Subject: first year pots for cuttings Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 708
I sometimes get into a 30 gallon tub from first year plants, depends on how fast the roots grow, but I usually end up in 5-10 gallon pot in general.

Subject: _____ FIG JAM Knowledge Sharing ____ Replies: 41
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,125
Good recipe here

Subject: Pruning Back an Overgrown Fig Tree Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 7,774!i=1698913823&k=4MCfwd3

This is a great example of what works for a forum member in California and also gives a good idea of what can be done.

Subject: Colchicine and Figs Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,223
I just thought I would also mention it since it cannot be mentioned enough for a product so dangerous I think.  

But it's interested that is how we have the oats and wheat today because of it, being that they were treated with it to induce bigger cells and therefore a higher yield.  I wonder which other crops it has been used on, you brought all sorts of questions to my mind about it.

Subject: Colchicine and Figs Replies: 18
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,223
I would not recommend anyone except for a trained professional to use the stuff, it will cause cancer in humans if exposed to it directly, I am not saying you are suggesting to try it but rather just if people have done it in the past.

Subject: Pruning Back an Overgrown Fig Tree Replies: 10
Posted By: Chivas Views: 7,774
You could prune back the branches to 2-3 nodes, remove any crossing branches, damaged/diseased or dead branches, you will not likely get a breba crop after these but you will get some strong growth from those nodes and essentially it is very similar to pollarding.  If possible don't let the inside be too crowed, removed branches that are reaching across to the other side etc, this will encourage more sun and air into the centre of your tree, try to make the pruning level even through the tree, ie. don't leave one branch 7 feet up and another 3 feet down all over the tree, to me it is not nice a couple branches is not a problem though.  That is my opinion for it.

Subject: Noire de Caromb Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 822
Mission didn't taste good for you?

Subject: Neptunes Harvest Replies: 5
Posted By: Chivas Views: 670
I use fish fertilizer on my figs, my mix has been 50% coarse coir and 50% composted sheep manure.  I have had no problem to apply it on my trees at label rate and even triple rate, it's not the same brand nor would I advocate to use more than label rate.  The thing with coir is that in general it has a high potassium level, I don't know if that is concern for you or not.

Subject: Possible root pruning container Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,228
I like the root pouches, so far what I have seen, sorry no pics, is that they really do promote a lot of root branching and you will see a lot of root tips when you pot up to the next size and I had nothing circling.  The soil seems to dry up and shrink away from the pot as well helping also, but when you water it all swells back up and pushes against the walls again, rather useful I think.

Subject: USDA Cuttings on their way! Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 878
I stated the intended use for my order was home garden and I received a confirmation for my order awhile back so my fingers are crossed.

Subject: Hello Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 937
Welcome, but after being here for awhile, 14 acres may be a bit small for you in a couple years ;)

Subject: Any truth to this? End of season - remove leaves and tips to ripen figs faster? Replies: 14
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,657
It may also weaken your tree as it has to use up reserves built in the season on the figs rather than getting energy from the leaves, so poorer quality fruit and a weaker tree seem like the possible outcomes from this in my opinion.

Subject: USDA Cuttings on their way! Replies: 21
Posted By: Chivas Views: 878
I hope they root well for you, you got everything you asked for and you post pictures of the beauties later on.

Subject: Winter Protection Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 789
Thank you for bringing this up Dan, I was looking at those and wondering if I should do this for the figs in the spring as well so I don't have to drag them in and out but I could protect them from frost, I think I could rig this up pretty well.

Subject: Winter Protection Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 789
I never did this and the reason was because I was worried about heat build up, a person in my town does it for their figs but uses black fabric to shield them from heating up too much and every winter they survive, single trunk trees.  

I did something different for 4 trees this year, next year will be 9 I think, I put burlap around them after I tied them up and then bubble insulation, then I put a wire cage around leaving minimum 6 inches around open, staked it to the ground, next I put a tarp around the cage.  I filled in the space with cellulose insulation up to the top and then I put the bucket on top.  

I check last week one of the trees and the very top buds were still alive and the wood was green underneath.  we got down to - 18 celcius a couple times this year so I am hoping they are alive and nothing is molding.  I will probably remove just the cellulose insulation next week after the system moves through.

Subject: starting cuttings on heat mat Replies: 11
Posted By: Chivas Views: 964
I only will use heating mats to root, I use a 9 inch dome to root them, vents are wide open on them so that the moisture can escape,  I just use pro mix mx and I find i have to add perlite to it now so that they don't stay too wet for me.

Subject: Would figs hurt a dog? Replies: 12
Posted By: Chivas Views: 6,463
I feed my dogs with figs, dried and fresh, they seem to be fine with it but maximum 2 per day and they may only get that one time a week if I give to them at all (not very often)

Subject: Roots Replies: 25
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,520
Looks great, definitely doing a lot of things right for nice roots like that.

Subject: moving to zone 9 Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,477
I then suggest Col de Dama Noir or Blanca since you should be able to ripen them there in your zone and they should give you excellent tasting, but late season figs.

Subject: moving to zone 9 Replies: 34
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,477
Do you know how wet and rainy it is there?  Also soil type can make a difference as well as presence of root knot nematodes.

Subject: Beginner requesting info Replies: 15
Posted By: Chivas Views: 926
Ronde de Bordeaux may be a good option (as long as it's not at an inflated price) since it is early and it has good taste, although it will need winter protection.

Subject: Anyone use compost tea on plants? Replies: 13
Posted By: Chivas Views: 757
It works really well for the lawn but you must apply at least 6 times, once a month, may to October usually.  If you add Alfalfa to it boosts a bunch of growth too.  

Subject: Stupid weather! Replies: 15
Posted By: Chivas Views: 814
We can still ripen Brebas well here so Jon doesn't quite have paradise wrapped up, he's about 1-2% short for being in Paradise.

Subject: OT-Ever wonder what our members look like? Replies: 336
Posted By: Chivas Views: 23,382
They need to be stuffed before grilling, onions garlic maybe some tomatoes and served wit san miguel.

Subject: Looking for Zidi Cuttings Replies: 0
Posted By: Chivas Views: 493
I am looking for some Zidi cuttings, please let me know if you have some for sale and your price.

Subject: Luther Burbank Fig (?) Replies: 30
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,618
Might help if I read that part.

Subject: Luther Burbank Fig (?) Replies: 30
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,618
Who wants to bet it's a Mission?

Subject: My Montserrat Pons varieties selection Replies: 50
Posted By: Chivas Views: 18,373
I can't wait to see your pictures and hopefully figs with descriptions of delicious this summer.

Subject: Reculver Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,074

Look at Series C, close to the end, if you e-mail him, he may have more information on the variety, although he does sometimes take time to respond (weeks sometimes)

Subject: Reculver Replies: 16
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,074
Baud sells this fig, so if anyone has ordered from Baud and gone through the process of quarantine etc, I am thinking it should be around in the us somewhere.

Subject: Reverse Ninja Replies: 23
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,415
I think you put it somewhere where it does not cause a problem and benefits people it is not a problem, I don't mean on the front lawn of your mayors house or something like that but maybe near a busy bus stop, close to a homeless area etc where people would be able to enjoy the fresh fruits and generally people wouldn't be too inclined to complain.

Subject: Figs Where to buy/ where not to buy Replies: 24
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,370
Since some people like to buy on ebay as well, don't trust other places or want different varieties that are not stocked, this a link to a thread about ebay vendors that people here have been happy with:

Subject: Figs Where to buy/ where not to buy Replies: 24
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,370
Brugmansia in Quebec (for Canada) has sent me decent plants, he's a little on the expensive side but the trees have grown well so far, but I won't see fruit on them until this year so I am going on good faith that they are as labeled, I have no reason to doubt him, I will have to update when I have seen the fruit but I would recommend them.

Subject: Strange business promoting Replies: 38
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,279
I wouldn't be surprised if they were smoking something like crack or meth, complete nut jobs these guys are.

Subject: A large tree needs to be planted Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 674
It is only Breba for King, but if you have the wasp you can have a main crop (I read it was not very good but I have never tried them.)  Col de Dama Blanc is only a main crop as well though, although I am guessing much tastier.  I also agree that RdB would be a great one, early but only main crop.  Although can you really go wrong with a Massive Mission with both brebas and main crop of tasty figs?  I am assuming that your climate is good to ripen the Brebas, but I don't know.

Subject: A large tree needs to be planted Replies: 9
Posted By: Chivas Views: 674
How about Desert King, Col de Dama blanc is supposed to grow with high vigor but I don't know that first hand, plus you could have lots of figs to dry or make jam of excellent quality.

Subject: Plastic Tub as a pot (Hole question) Replies: 20
Posted By: Chivas Views: 1,000
I use these as well, so far they have worked well, but only two seasons with them so we will see what happens from now on.

Subject: fig varieties in Greece for sale Replies: 32
Posted By: Chivas Views: 2,146
If you can convince an old greek man who is going on the plane to hide them in his beard, that would be bullet proof, you would never be able to find them in his beard.


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