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Subject: Barnissotte USDA/UCD Replies: 4
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 402
i don't think they are same, but i'll know for sure next yr.

Subject: CdDN Replies: 2
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 420
very disappointing tree. last yr and this yr also, it dropped all the figs. funny thing is, CdDB from USDA/UCD is doing great and giving me nice figs. not sure why it's dropping the figs. it might be due to my lack of care this yr, but all the other trees were equally neglected. will see how it will do in future, might go to trash can if it doesn't hold on to the figs next yr. 

Subject: Barnissotte USDA/UCD Replies: 4
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 402
so far it's doing very well. lot of figs on small tree. however, it seems to be late fig. so far i haven't seen any ripen figs. it's fairly good size fig and i can see it will only get bigger as they will swell. no idea what i would taste like. with Black Maderira, Ischia Black and Barnissotte being 3 most wanted figs at USDA/UCD, i would think it would be as good as they should be. 

Subject: Ischia Black USDA/UCD Replies: 5
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 435
had few this yr and there are still more on the tiny tree that i have. the taste isn't exactly what i expected. it's lacking right now. but it's only in its second yr and first yr giving me the figs. growing rather well down here in container culture. 

Subject: Black Madeira and Figo Preto Replies: 8
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 556
i think some said it before.. but at my location, they are different. the figs are different. Figo Preto ripens about 2-3 weeks before BM does here. the BM has better taste. it's very good. the color of the fig is definitely different. FP has more of shinny skin, while BM is little matted. the skin of BM is more dark purple/blue while FP is more of dark reddish color. 

both are very good. but i prefer BM at this time. the taste isn't exactly intense yet, maybe it's due to the age and my lack of care this yr, but it's good enough to be a definite keeper. 

Subject: figs so far. Replies: 14
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 623
Figo Preto is cont. to impress me. it's about 2 weeks earlier than the Black Madeira and with ton of rain at the moment, still retains some sign of flavor. 

Longue D'Aout is also very good, but have to catch that one at the right time. if i let it ripe fully, it will sour quickly. 

Panache is also very good, but like others.. it will blow up if it rains when it's ripening. 

White Greek is sort of like LdA, also need to catch it at the right time. large fig with deep red inside. not as intense as LdA. 

Niagara Black is HUGE. 

Calvert is very good also. 

Kathleen's Black is put on 2 figs this yr. i didn't expect much with root pruning. i had first one and now it's tasting very good.. after 5 yrs. it's 3rd yr giving me figs and i can understand why some folks are waiting this long for the taste to improve. 

VdB and RdB are the two that is consistent and producing very good flavor figs. RdB is truly a month or so earlier than the others. problem with RdB is slightly open eye. but it was ripening before the rains and didn't have much problem. 

wasn't too impressed with Beall. but it was it's first yr giving me fig. it's huge. 

187-25 wasn't all the impressive either, but it was huge also. 

loosing lot of figs due to rain now days. and i don't have that big a crop this yr due to neglect. 

Ischia Black is ripening right now along with Barnissotte. they didn't blow up.. as of this morning. 

Ischia White will be heading to trash can very soon. the taste is not improving and it's tiny with not much to enjoy. 

CdDN has dropped all its figs this yr too. they are not getting to the point of ripening. all dropping once they start to turn color. 

CdDB is still great. one of the best. not sure what happened, but i had few that ripened. rest are still hanging in there for late crop. 

Pastiliere dropped all its figs.. multiple times. 

Hardy Chicago is giving some figs, but with rain, i'm not getting much flavor out of it. but i'm happy it's ripening figs. last yr, i didn't see any. 

there were some other figs, but i lost tags and not sure what they are. nothing impressive so far to try to ID them. 

Subject: Ronde de Bordeaux Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 896
RdB has to be one of the better figs. even with slightly open eye, it did rather well this yr. figs tasted great. 

Subject: Pic 25th July'14 - Genovese Nero In PNW Replies: 22
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,760
mine came out ok this yr, but it wasn't all that great. sort of bland, might be the rain..

Subject: Figo Preto and others. Replies: 11
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 491

thanks. still under some stress and keep slipping back, but doing whole lot better. trying to stay away from internet as much as possible so i can sleep little more and drink little less. lol


Figo Preto was very different taste. it's not like typical dark fig that i've been eating for last handful of yrs. it has certain something that i can't put finger on, but was definitely something to look forward to. if the weather holds up, i think i should be able to have good number of FP and BM. 

also had one Ischia Black and Nero 600M. but they weren't really up there. it's been raining 4 days or so here. lost a fig off Barnissotte to rain so didn't taste that one. since i didn't pay too much attention this yr, now i have more unintentional unknowns that i really want to. 


glad to be back. :) 

here is a shot of Calvert. 


Subject: Figo Preto and others. Replies: 11
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 491
FP is ripening now. had one yesterday. that thing was different. very good, but little different from other dark figs. 

also had Calvert. that thing could have been very good. still had juicy pulp inside, firm but ripen. but i think there were too much rain. 

LdA is very nice also, but with last month raining so much, if i don't time it right, it's all wasp food. 

Persian White was huge. but rather bland. not sure if it's too much rain, so was 187-25. 

GN was so so.. nothing super. now it's behaving properly, and the fig is turning out ok. still not as dark as i have been them. 

JHA was very good, still have some left on the tree. waiting for Black Madeira to start ripening. 

oh.. Panache was really good. 

Subject: my trees.. progress so far. Replies: 9
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 446
i haven't been kind to my trees this yr. they are alive, and i'm doing what i can to keep them alive.. but they are not thriving. on top of that, the figs are ripening last week or so, and it's been raining a lot. good figs are getting spoiled due to so much humidity. 

RdB has been awesome, so are the VdB. it seems when it's not too much rain, they are amazingly good. my older trees are not producing much.. then again, i knew that will happen following the root prune in the winter. i'm hoping they will do very well next yr. 

LdA is doing well, but not growing too well. one breba i was able to take from it was amazingly good. but most main crop this yr has been spoiled by the late rain. 

BM is doing very well along with FP, but too early to see any ripen figs. i'm hoping next month. 

all the new cuttings under the front porch is doing much better than the ones out in the open. but they are also on min care.. watering when they are dry. 

hope i bounce back quickly and look forward to next yr. 

Subject: Strawberry Verte vs. Calvert Replies: 12
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,374
god.. that Calvert looks worse then mine. at least mine has good number of figs on it. but for whatever reason, it's "creeping" on the ground. 

Subject: Today's haul Replies: 44
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,660
nice.. i might get something like that in few weeks. but won't be as many. 

Subject: --- yeah, this is IT, Strawberry Verte (PIX) Replies: 49
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 2,587
talk about serious zone envy...

Subject: A bug from Hell? Replies: 17
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 770
for a lady from hell, she's wearing wrong a tartan x) black watch all the way.. baby. 

Subject: --- Panachee, a WOW fig (PIX) Replies: 10
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 635
my Panache survived my neglect and it has good number of figs on it. looking forward to the taste. had 2 RdB so far.. fine fig. but it shows sign of splitting when weather gets little too humid. 

Subject: "Blue" Ischia my ass... Replies: 52
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 3,079
i know i'm color blind.. even i can tell that thing is not blue-blue-or any shade of dark fig. USDA/UCD Ischia Black is doing very well. slow growing figs are doing much better. i guess that's due to less need for water. 

Subject: I Got the Bitch! Replies: 24
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 874
harsh title.. lol 

Subject: first main crop of the yr. Replies: 15
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 452
thanks francisco, and ryan.. what used to be a joy is now a chore. not fun watering the trees. but i'm getting more diligent. new cutting are under the shade, so they don't have much issue. the older trees are the ones having issue. i know they won't die, but they are taking it hard. i really should move them into bigger pot when i get chance. when to doc today and was told that i need to start working out. my mind is fine, but my body is giving out. so back to kendo.. never got my nidan.. maybe i'll get it before i'm 50. 

Subject: first main crop of the yr. Replies: 15
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 452
RdB it was. tiny fig packed full of flavor. no pix. it was drying on the tree. this yr's been really bad for me. i had too many things going on and didn't give the trees what they needed. lot of the trees are getting heat stressed and dropping leaves. some are dropping figs. but most of them are still holding on to few figs. 

i'm looking forward to few tasty bites, but i know it won't be much this yr. 

Subject: OT: last few months of stress has caught up with me. Replies: 51
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,447
i'm getting better. it was massive panic attack along with migraine with aura that just got compounded and made me feel like i was getting the real thing. found out i lost 20 lbs in last month or so. they are thinking possible depression too. funny thing is, i don't feel any different. i don't think i'm stressed out or having any depression, but for whatever reason, my body is not taking it. now i know i might have those, i'm thinking i'm having more issues. i know i had lot going on last few months, but what's life without some stress? i'll be taking it easy for awhile. too much work and not enough physical activity along with lack of sleep and bad diet seems to have added to the problem. 

bah.. i'll bounce back in few months. 

Subject: OT: last few months of stress has caught up with me. Replies: 51
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,447
i'm sitting in a ER all plugged up. all the trees are good, most of them. air layers are not too good. but worse comes to worst, i'll have cuttings. trade in progress are still on. just will be little slow. i'm sure others who traded with can vouch for me :) "Pete sends them out slow, but good size trees"...

Subject: had two breba yesterday... Replies: 4
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 293
Paradiso Bronze and LaD. i should has given them little more time, but we have been having rather windy weather of late and they were getting badly damaged. 

i was't impressed with PB, but LaD was amazing. it wasn't even fully ripen, but i can taste the potential and they were breba. 

i think the heat and small pot size on some of the trees are stressing the trees. some are dropping leaves even with daily watering. 

but there are enough that i should get some figs this yr. no pix. they weren't really impressive, oh.. both had wine stain. 

Subject: Acciano...A must have fig Replies: 46
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 2,408
that looks great. i lost Acciano 3 times already.. not having much luck with that one. 

Subject: OT: my internet time has gotten down to very little :) Replies: 8
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 382
yeah.. i'm staying away from internet more and more. less computer, more pen and paper. i think i like it. 

the figs are growing very nicely, some of the USDA/UCD trees from last yr have huge figs on them. too bad the names were all washed away and i don't know what they are.. 187-25 is huge. so is Excel and others. 

i'm still dropping by to check on the things now and then. 

Subject: help with snake id? Replies: 35
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 837
i don't like them. but i won't kill them as long as they don't hiss at me. the moment they show aggression, they are dead.

Subject: --- PIX: my Paradiso that was Replies: 21
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 789
that must have been an one determined vermin..

Subject: PIX: Panache Replies: 21
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 859

they are main crops. i rarely get good brebas here on any of my trees. not sure why. some trees do put on late brebas.

i held off on Panache for long time. mainly due to its performance in humid area, and some indicating rubbery skin. not to mention, everyone seems to want it for what it looks like. but i keep hearing how good it is in area with long hot summer. so when jon had some available, i got some to try.

Subject: OT - Need your prayers Replies: 68
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,891
jo-ann, hope your mom recovers quickly. 

Subject: PIX: Panache Replies: 21
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 859
Originally Posted by mgginva
I didn't realize this variety was so dangerous.

it's the cute ones that are always dangerous. lol

Subject: PIX: Panache Replies: 21
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 859
i think i rooted the cutting last yr.. jon was selling ton of Panache cuttings and i grabbed some. so it's 2nd yr tree. 

Subject: What is 5-1-1 mix? Replies: 6
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 603
5-1-1 works very well. but depends on your watering schedule and what not, it can break down quick.. in about 2-3 yrs. the soil mix can compact and with root growth, prevent water from getting to the center of the container. poking holes into the soil mix once a month, or some other means to aerate the soil would help. that's just my experience. i water them almost everyday from may till end of sept. 

Subject: PIX: Panache Replies: 21
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 859
it's growing well. 


Subject: Lampeira preta (ground) non irrigated Replies: 37
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 2,097

that looks very nice. my lampo Preto is still hanging in there. i put a clear cup like you suggested and now they have small leaves. i'm accmulating them now so they can grow.

Subject: figlet loss and other questions Replies: 10
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 542
breba has to have right condition. i have no clue what that condition is. most of my early breba drop every yr. some tree will put in breba late, they seem to do better. i only have two early breba still on the trees this season. breba crops are inferior to main crop on most trees, so don't really concern myself with them.

Subject: OT: really didn't feel like cooking today.. Replies: 3
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 373
so.. it was america's favorite italian food tonight. no.. it's not pizza. i'm talking about that great italian maestro.. chef boyardee. no.. not the latest, and greatest creation by the man who is known as the gift to american fast food at home, but the old favorite. spago with mystery meat.. ball shape thingy. 

while eating two cans of that stuff.. with, of course, fresh ground pepper medley and some crushed red pepper, topped with aged parmigiano-reggiano, i had a flashback. 

i was born in korea, and spent most of my pre-teen yrs in korea during 70's. 

as some of you probably know, korea was in vietnam war.. or known to most of non-americans as second indo-china war, and to the vietnamese friends, american war. funny thing is, america never declared a war against north vietnam. it was a police action to help our friends in south vietnam.. tho it cost ton of tax payer money and resulted in death and suffering of countless americans during that time. 

anyway, during 70's, black market for anything american in korea was huge. and believe it or not, american military c-rat was on top of the list. c-rat to non-military folks is also known as army food. this was due to the vietnam war. everything and anything that was left over from vietnam war..  things that americans didn't take back to CONUS due to extra weight.. came to korea. it's basically a combat ration.. unlike now days, back in early days, the army rations came in cans. p-38 was one of those thing most everyone who went camping in korea had in their pocket to open those cans. 

two the favorite meal in the c-rat among the concessionaire of backpacking food at that time was.. yes :) spaghetti with meatball, and corned beef hash. there were pork and bean and weenie and bean.. but everyone wanted spaghetti with meatball. 

tonight brought back the memory of eating that can of stuff during the long fishing trip into the west coast of korea.. oh.. grape fanta goes great with that stuff.. x) 

Subject: Welcome the 3 Newcomers from Cyprus :) Replies: 31
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,000
welcome to the land of extra tax for everything.. oops.. it's Sailor Jerry talking!!! 

Subject: OT: that time of the week again. name your beer. Replies: 77
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,986
cheers rafed :) 

Subject: OT: that time of the week again. name your beer. Replies: 77
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,986
my taste in coffee is rather.. lacking. as others say, i drink my milk with coffee. x) 

Subject: OT: that time of the week again. name your beer. Replies: 77
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,986

haven't had johnny walker in long time.. last time i had that was when i sneaked a shot off my father bottle when i was much younger.. lol 

Subject: OT: that time of the week again. name your beer. Replies: 77
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,986

Subject: what's wrong with my BT? Replies: 10
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 456
i'll say FMV.

Subject: Prayer and thoughts Replies: 43
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 993
hope he recovers soon. best wishes. 

Subject: OT: so i have been slack of late.. Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 765
if you think about it.. most doctors have rather hard to read hand writing. but they are, most of them, very dedicated to their art. as time goes by, what we are looking for is a specialized field where one can devote their lives to. being a renascence man isn't exactly what is viewed as something that is important. some will even say having too many interests is a distraction to ones educational need. since i'm out of school and not specializing in anything, i decided i'm going to learn whatever i want to learn and die happy :)

Subject: OT: so i have been slack of late.. Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 765
in 1446, one of our king decided that everyone needs to learn how to read and write. even those who can not spend ton of time studying like the upper crust. so.. he came out with korean written language. before that time, and even until current time, chinese characters are widely used for "educated" people. but i'm sure most everyone will agree, chinese characters are not exactly easiest thing to memorize. too many strokes at too many unusual angle. of course, chinese have simplified chinese for new generations. and japanese use their own writing system along with some what simplified chinese of their own called "kanji". 

my father in law who barely graduated elementary school knows more chinese characters then most college graduates in korea. it's just takes little effort to learn things.. we all had to learn how to root cuttings.. it just takes little time and effort, if anyone wants to learn a new thing. 

Subject: when to quit on a tree? Replies: 15
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 736
yeah.. bare root that sucker and see what's going on. there might be some issue. if root looks ok, change soil and heavy fertilizer regiment. if it's root bound, cut some off.. if it's some specific issue.. well.. fix it. 

Subject: OT: so i have been slack of late.. Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 765
dan.. lol 

there is this online tool called . the thing works off the net, and it's rather a simple editing tool that will let you watermark the pix. i love that thing. picasa used to use this tool, but they got rid of it. was searching forever to find out what the tool was. now i found it again.. yeah.. pix have watermarks again.. tho, they don't have the font that i used to use. i would buy the software if they have offline version. 

Subject: New Violette de Bordeaux Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 1,700
so jon.. can i get a first dibs on those cuttings? 

Subject: OT: i'm bored.. Replies: 9
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 540

i have nothing against the squids.. i meant.. navy x) actually, i like squids. they go very well lightly poached and served with korean hot bean paste mixed with simple white vinegar and sugar.. some sesame oil adds nice note.. and seeds. and as far as i know.. chuichill said that that wasn't even his quote. but hard life of limeys in service of the queen, or king at the time, is rather nicely illustrated in that quote.

talking about which.. i noticed that everyone's asleep and i'm the only one posting at this wee hour. just cleaning out the fridge of old beer and cider bottles. x)

Subject: OT: so i have been slack of late.. Replies: 20
Posted By: bullet08 Views: 765
igor, yeah.. it shouldn't be funny.. but it is. lot of people can't read, nor can they tell where they are living off a map.. not to mention, can't tell time unless it's written down for them. we are conditioning our next generation to be total idiots. modern technologies is and has been turning the human advancement. at this point, human revolution has reached it's peak and it's degrading. it's a sad state that we are living in. i'm trying to teach my kids as much as i can so they can do things without looking at the touch screen devices. i want them to know how to write, read, and tell time.. i want them to  know how to cook without microwave, and know how to start a fire without a bic lighter. urgh.. too much convenience has made us forget how to do simple things that we should all know how to do. 


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