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Subject: I went crazy and pruned my desert King Replies: 16
Posted By: heidihi Views: 1,327

Nicole is that a pitty in your picture? If so please know I am a bully woman :) have adopted  rescues for years! 

I am awestruck at the responses thank you so much! 

My " cuttings"  are currently in a huge tangled pile in my driveway, I will sort them out and share for sure. I work a paying job as well so i was tired and tossed them..but they stay fresh, so my nespxt day off I will snip the Goidelic parts ..I didn't think desert king would be in demand since it is truly wonderful and easy to grow ( here anyway)

I am so relieved that I could even o better!

Suzi I wish I was that Heidi, but I am a grandmother ( albeit much tooooo young to be one hehehe) I have never been to cirque but sure would love to go! My personality seems to be what my friends call " odd but a nice of odd" whatever that means? I feel loved so I don't question. Maybe you could find her? I would love being found by a mother figure! They were a huge part of my lifeM

Dennis your questions from my personal 35 years of life here are as follows 

(All you PNW'rs know you can drive a few blocks in some areas  and have a different climate right?? ) I live right in a South Puget sound pocket and can watch the weather from three is not always what I am having that is for sure. My work is 15 miles and  usually totally different than home. So whatever I say may mean little)
 I hope this helps, it is based on my completely subjective opinion 

I know your area is more rainy than most. 

How often does it rain there?
- Depends on the year we have had  100 days straight or a week, when it is not raining my area has zero humidity, with excellent soils drainage and lots of sandy loam wouldnt think it but everything dies out fast! But yes I think I am having a drought if I need to water anything!

When does Spring come?
 -For me it is here now, unpredictable as it is ...spring is defined by the alders blooming...they are and usually do bloom in February.

When does it get warm and stay warm? 
-I think it is mild most of the year

When does it get hot?
 - " hot" is in the high 80's so ..not often 
We have had a few  truly hot summers, great tomatoes so little effort those years! but I lived in Arizona and THEY have " hot" 

How hot does it get there?
See above 

When is your summer season over?
I would say summer ends mid to late October ..sometimes right up thanksgiving, we have had thanksgiving picnics.

To sum it up for nyone who wants to move here

We are pale, even those of us with some ethnicity! Photophobic.. have mossy feet, love to ride naked in parades...drink tons of microbrews and coffee...take antidepressents or pretend we dont need them..loose our sunglasses because we never need them, no umbrellas but live in wellies ....There are high levels of caffiene, antidepressants and thc measured in the Puget Sound ( second hand info from a friend who owns an analytical lab)

So growing figs here is fun and if you can not go to the Mediterranean? Why not bring it here! 

For the record a third of my yard is dedicated to native plants, because people here have lots of environmental guilt and concern...for damn good reasons!

Wow that was a lot to say! 

Subject: I went crazy and pruned my desert King Replies: 16
Posted By: heidihi Views: 1,327
I am newish here, i have been reading this formum enjoying, learning and becoming completely obsessed with growing figs in my little microclimate of the Puget Sound. My weather is about 5-10F warmer than just a mile or so inland. Winter average is in the 40's So unless we get a hard freeze and if i plan well, I can harvest food from the garden, pretty much year around ....
So here I am posting because I pruned like a madwoman this weekend.
We get the odd crazy spring freeze and am worried. I wasn't even thinking and was pruning a plum, cleaned my pruners and began witth just trimming the deadwood out of my huge desert king. The goal has been to train it into an fig arbor and I had missed the window after my late but massive harvest.
So I went after my pride and joy, my huge lanky tree, ended up topping it to a reachable height ( in the plan) while leaving the lower branches to wind over the arbor. I love how it turned out and know my harvest will be significantly decreased since I removed all the upward growing branches ...but my biggest fear was that I could harm this beautiful tree because of the potential for freezing, the rain to cause rot...
Oh please reassure me that my king of the garden can survive my lack of impulse control?
My second desert king is left unscathed, so I will have plenty of figs,.. but the smaller tree never has produced the huge extra tasty fruit I get from the newly pruned tree. ( Location and soil I am sure so I plan to feed more appropriately this year )
Anyway I hope in my heart I did no significant damage, less fruit is no big deal this year. I just really want to know if it well be " ok"?

Fig wise my addiction and urge to collect more types of figs is becoming impossible to control! I have things I could trade for cuttings but am not sure what the protocol is here?
Other than the kings none of my fig trees are old enough to start taking cuttings. But I have a huge list of potentially unique plants and trees that may be of interest for a swap
My other figs are In pots in the green house now, but will come out next month.
I have a panache, black mission and Negrone ( will stay in pots near a lighted greenhouse on the south side of my home.. in hopes someday they produce) and a young brown turkey that is heading for the garden this year permanently.

I love how my tree is shaped now! But good grief did I do serious harm by pruning so much right now?

Thanks so much for any response to my panic or answers about swapping.


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