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Subject: Best tasting fig of the Year Replies: 11
Posted By: matievski Views: 1,591
Nelson, is it possible to get couple of cuttings from your tree (Bronze Paradiso)? Will pay shipping by PayPal upfront. My son is so into growing figs, he is 10. We build little winter greenhouse for citrus plants. So those cuttings will be in good hands rootening over the winter.
With respect, Dmitri (New Jersey, USA)

Subject: Black Mission Replies: 3
Posted By: matievski Views: 929
I am curious too, If they will be sweet as suppose to in New Jersey?
Any one growing them? Went through Ebay - a lot of them for sale...

Subject: Older Fig Trees Being Sold Replies: 8
Posted By: matievski Views: 889
Wow! this is my goal to grow fig tree to this shape in the barrel!
Respect! I regret that I live so far, I would gather this one from you with a pleasure


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