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Removed three Ronde de Bordeaux Air Layers tmc2009 206 1
by Lewi
I258 versus Black Madeira Figs tmc2009 232 4
by crademan
Late September Figs and Bugs tmc2009 131 2
by Apalermo88
Almost Ripe Col de Dame Grise tmc2009 98 2
by fygmalion
Perfectly Ripe Ischia Black tmc2009 244 3
by fattyfigs
Montrueuse Figs tmc2009 111 2
by crademan
Not the best weather for ripening figs tmc2009 156 3
by Sas
Zone 6b Black Madeira ripening tmc2009 106 1
by MzFiggy
Propagating Hative d'Argenteuil one Month progress tmc2009 72 1
by Ferdinandissimo
Ponte Tresa Fig Tree Update tmc2009 526 13
by jdsfrance
Lattarula Figs tmc2009 91 1
by Apalermo88
Removing a Black Madeira Air Layer tmc2009 119 5
by tyro
My first figs of 2017 tmc2009 102 1
by Apalermo88
Comparing Black Maderia from two sources tmc2009 167 1
by padsfan
Galicia Negra Fig Tree Progress tmc2009 129 1
by americanfiglover
Trying air layers on green wood tmc2009 122 1
by pverdes3
Ischia Black and Black Madeira cuttings progress tmc2009 145 3
by RRedBBeard
Carnivorous plant giving high price figs a run for their money tmc2009 181 4
by arachyd
Young Black Madeira that might deliver tmc2009 291 7
by Blackfoot
Galicia Negra Fig Tree ? tmc2009 511 13
by MyDogMike
UCDavis Ischia Black 2017 tmc2009 163 5
by GButera
My Best Chance for Black Madeira Figs tmc2009 105 2
by tsparozi
Ischia Black and Black Madeira cuttings progress tmc2009 158 2
by sacredorigin
Growth Variations in Black Madeira tmc2009 164 2
by Sas
This years cuttings progress tmc2009 76 2
by cjccmc

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