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Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
Posted By: rcantor Views: 1,795
I'm glad to see Bass, Paully, Harvey, Barry and Snaglepus posting.  Besides them, Jon and Ingevald appear sometimes.    Those 7 may be the only ones left from the first 2 years.  A long time ago I posted that I was getting messages from several long time members about things that upset them.  None of them knew I was getting the same message from more than a few people.  They were all saying the same things.  So I posted a request for compassion on them.  It was met with hostility.  Some of them left after reading the replies, never to return.  I can't find the post or I'd link to it.

 That hostility caused some very wise and experienced people to leave.  If you want experienced people around, people who have grown more fig varieties longer and through more unusual circumstances than most, you have to be nice to them.  Say thank you.  If you do get cuttings send a little extra in PP - it's like taking them out for coffee or dessert.  For heaven's sake don't make them pay the PP fees if you're getting a great cutting for very little money.   

I've been growing figs a long time but people like Jon, Bass, Harvey, Dennis and many others have been growing far more varieties than I have and for longer.  People I mentioned in the first line above plus a few others not here are the ones I look up to as experts, whether they admit it or not.  :)

And there are a fair number of people who have only been growing figs a few years or only joined the forums a few years ago who have worked hard, tried new things and have become experts in their own right.  Unfortunately most of them are either gone or rare visitors.  I'm thinking of Charlie Little, AscPete, Art Jeffcoat, Greenfig, SCfigFanatic and a few others.

A little kindness goes a long way.

Subject: opportunity to buy Col De Dame Gris(e)? Replies: 13
Posted By: rcantor Views: 318

I found the listing.  Be wary.  Check out the first image dated 2016 vs this post dated 2015

I can't find any images that match the fruit image, though.

Subject: opportunity to buy Col De Dame Gris(e)? Replies: 13
Posted By: rcantor Views: 318
Ask to see pictures of the fruit.  My 4 year old 'CdDG' just produced its first fruit and earned a "not" at the end of its name.  If the fruit looks real let me know if you're willing to ship me one!  :)

Subject: Pictures - Blanche Alsache Replies: 5
Posted By: rcantor Views: 135
It looks great, congratulations!  How does it taste?  Which brebas are your favorites?

Subject: Bird Protection Replies: 9
Posted By: rcantor Views: 209
This is great, thanks!

Subject: Faliciano Replies: 3
Posted By: rcantor Views: 175

Subject: Got a question about Col de Dame Gris! Replies: 2
Posted By: rcantor Views: 204
Build a greenhouse to extend your season.  :)

Subject: New member Replies: 18
Posted By: rcantor Views: 236
Welcome!  The rest of us are jealous of your climate.  There are a lot of Californians here.  Do you already have figs?

Subject: Just Found You Guys Replies: 14
Posted By: rcantor Views: 300
Welcome!  I hope you bought from reliable sellers.  Not all of them are honest.

Subject: Desert King main crop clarification (?) Replies: 33
Posted By: rcantor Views: 899
3-4 years ago I imported some profichi with wasps and 2 of my DKs had a ripe main crop.  The next 2 summers in a row those two plants also ripened their main crop.  Theoretically there were no wasps and there definitely weren't any profichi (I'm working on that).  I'll try to dig up some pictures.  Right now I'm still in DK breba season.  One of the plants died over the winter. We'll see if the remaining plant ripens its main crop this year.  I hope so because they taste like caramel.

Subject: Figs in compost socks Replies: 15
Posted By: rcantor Views: 463
Great idea and you certainly have good results.

Subject: Formerly known as JR Replies: 15
Posted By: rcantor Views: 423
Welcome back!  How hard was it to move to NZ?  Are you staying there?

Subject: Newbie Needing Help Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 113
Welcome to the forum!  No fig survives a Z6 winter unprotected.  You seem to be saying this is a room of the house yet the figs have to be cold hardy.  Tell us more about the temperatures the room will experience.  Highs and lows in the summer and winter.  

As far as I know there's not much published research on figs in hydroponics but I've never searched for that.  I think figs do best in pots 12 gal and up if that helps at all.  Breba crops are killed somewhere around 27 - 25 degrees, fig wood is killed at 17 degrees and figs break dormancy somewhere between 45 - 60 degrees.  They need at least 6 hours of sun to be healthy, more is better.

Subject: Genovese Nero (AF) Main 2016 Replies: 23
Posted By: rcantor Views: 1,029
Leon, it's a long and confusing story with differing versions.  :)  They were both supposed to be the same plant but they turned out to be different ones.  AF is the better fig according to those who've tried both.  

Subject: OT squash borers and other pests Replies: 2
Posted By: rcantor Views: 94
Photos?  The FB insect ID forums should be able to tell you.

Subject: Help with rooting green cutting Replies: 8
Posted By: rcantor Views: 207
Start at 2:30

Subject: Dried figs and Fig pumpkin pie smoothies Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 93
I haven't heard of them but I'm glad you told me because I have a friend in Redding who really wants to get some figs, so thanks!  Please check your PMs.

Subject: NEWBIEISH FIG LOVER, seeking guidance and comments Replies: 9
Posted By: rcantor Views: 314
Welcome!  The benefit of a well draining mix is that there are air spaces in the soil.  If your mix is moist but there are good air spaces then everything will be fine.  If it stays moist forever but there are still air spaces soon after you water it then the fig will be very happy.  When your plants are young you can use almost any fertilizer but be sure to mix it up in the strength recommended for houseplants otherwise you can kill the plant.  It wouldn't hurt to start with it half that strength.  If the plant is growing vigorously it's happy and if it's not growing vigorously you want to be sure the soil's not too wet nor too dry and that you have all the micro-nutrients plants need.  Often when a plant moves in to a new container it grows roots before shoots.  With good fertilization the shoots should follow within a month or so.

Subject: Experiment: Log / Trunk propagation Replies: 13
Posted By: rcantor Views: 432
It should root but it may take more than a year to put out shoots.  A heavy pruning often sets a fig back so it won't produce figs that year even if it's a common fig with 2 crops.  In general most people tell you to take less than 1/3rd of a fig (and most other fruits) at a time and no more.

Subject: Dried figs and Fig pumpkin pie smoothies Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 93
Sounds great!  What part of the world do you live in?

Subject: Can this rooted cutting be saved? Replies: 8
Posted By: rcantor Views: 235
The soil looks fairly wet.  You know not to over water, right?

Subject: Advice: Heat mat and thermostat setup Replies: 9
Posted By: rcantor Views: 147
I put mine halfway into the soil.  It doesn't matter exactly where you put it but if you put it under a container the soil temp will be slightly lower than the probe temp so I'd set it on the higher end of the range - perhaps 79 - 82.  I want my cuttings to be between 75 and 82.  Others feel differently.

Subject: Ripening order Replies: 99
Posted By: rcantor Views: 32,506
2017  Warm March and April with no freeze has many things very early, although some are just leafing out in mid June.

June 4 - 10  Italian Honey Breba

Subject: Shout out to southern cal figsters! Replies: 8
Posted By: rcantor Views: 176
Welcome to the forum!

Subject: Just a little fig porn! Lol Replies: 6
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Subject: First Fresh Fig in KC, MO Z6 - Italian Honey Breba Replies: 1
Posted By: rcantor Views: 103
Definitely the best fig of the year so far, but nothing to crow about.  I found it on the soil when I went to water the plant a few days ago.  It's the earliest fig I've ever had.

Italian Honey Breba.jpg 

Subject: New member Replies: 9
Posted By: rcantor Views: 186
Welcome, Mary!  If you start your own thread you'll get more properly welcomed.  Yo'll get better advice if you post your location in your signature.

Subject: I May Need an Intervention Replies: 45
Posted By: rcantor Views: 1,010
The intervention you need is a larger house with 25 acres and 3 large greenhouses.

Subject: What are these fuzzy bugs on my fig tree! Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 154
They can suck the life out of a tree.  Rubbing alcohol, insecticidal soap and neem oil are all effective.  Spray the whole tree, both sides of all the leaves, every branch junction, etc.  Then fertilize the tree if there are lots of them.

Subject: FMV revisited Replies: 27
Posted By: rcantor Views: 401
Where are you?  If its FMV and you live in California it can spread to your other plants but those mites are everywhere so you could get FMV from naturalized trees, too.  If you're not in CA you don't have the mites to transmit the disease so as long as you sterilize and cutting implements after use you won't spread it.  Some people have had these kinds of patterns resolve by using a fertilizer with micronutrients.  Whether there was a deficiency or the plant did better in fighting the infection is anyone's guess at the moment. Most of us have plants with FMV and they still produce.  Most of the plants in the US came from CA and so have some degree of FMV.  If you want to try to stay pure you can get only plants from the SE and places in Europe with cold winters (good luck with that!)

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your trees.

Subject: New member Replies: 9
Posted By: rcantor Views: 186
Welcome!  Dormant cuttings root more easily than green cuttings.  Look up our members in Colorado, Toronto or upstate NY or even New England.  I don't know if NEnewbie is still on here but New England Gardening has fig videos on you tube and their winters are not all that different than yours.  Ignore posts from Vancouver and British Columbia because their winters are milder than yours.  The figs that are best for others with short summers and cold winters will also be best for you.  Desert King, Ronde de Bordeau, MBVS, Florea are all early figs.  If we define summer as temps over 83 then you only have about 6 days, so you need short season figs  :)

Here's a video on propagating green fig wood.  It works best if temperatures stay above 65 and get to 80.

Subject: Rooting attempt gone haywire Replies: 6
Posted By: rcantor Views: 147
The problem with cuttings is that it will eventually run out of energy.  Unless there are functioning leaves when it runs out of energy it dies.  It will take longer to get leaves in the sun if it's upside down.  

If there are no shoots yet I'd turn it right side up but that's just my opinion.  If there are good roots I'd also give it some houseplant strength fertilizer.

Subject: Black Madeira Replies: 59
Posted By: rcantor Views: 2,239
Beautiful trunk!

Subject: Wanting Blackberries Replies: 40
Posted By: rcantor Views: 2,046
Prime Ark Freedom and Traveler are thornless.

Subject: Wanting Blackberries Replies: 40
Posted By: rcantor Views: 2,046
Knowing where you are and something about your soil would enable better responses.  Triple Crown has been a great berry for me in OR and MO.  I have some prime ark travelers for sale.  This is my first year growing them.

Subject: Promoting fig production versus vegetative growth Replies: 22
Posted By: rcantor Views: 566
Cold can kill the breba buds even without killing the branch.

Subject: Suggest figs for urban farmer with greenhouse Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 209
Thanks, everyone.

Subject: Watering young rooted cuttings with sparkling mineral water Replies: 19
Posted By: rcantor Views: 519
You have to carefully match the water to the fig.  Perrier will only nourish French figs and refuse to associate with other figs.  If you water an American fig with French water the plant will dry out.  :)

Subject: Help identifying fig - Photos Replies: 3
Posted By: rcantor Views: 191
Welcome to the forum!  Leaf photos would help in identifying the tree.

Subject: Suggest figs for urban farmer with greenhouse Replies: 4
Posted By: rcantor Views: 209

Subject: Results of cutting into the bark while rooting Replies: 24
Posted By: rcantor Views: 763

Subject: An Old Fig Tree in a New Yard Replies: 8
Posted By: rcantor Views: 282
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new fig!  Personally I'd fertilize it, water when needed and see what you have.  Try both crops and then make decisions about how to prune and maintain.  It looks like a great fig bush.  As was mentioned, in places with cold winters the bush form is almost inevitable.

Subject: Petite Negri grown indoors Replies: 3
Posted By: rcantor Views: 130
They don't need the cold but they do need a minimum of 6-8 hrs of sun and reasonable fertilizer to produce a crop.

Subject: best fertilizer for figs in pots Replies: 18
Posted By: rcantor Views: 3,443
Since you already have the Jobe's, tell us what the recommendation is for in ground, how big your pots are and how big your trees are and maybe we can come up with a recommendation.  We can't know for sure and it's always better to err on the low side rather than burn your plants. 

Subject: Hit or miss fig quality Replies: 12
Posted By: rcantor Views: 314
Congratulations!  Starting trees from cuttings is a rite of passage.  BT is better in hot, humid places like the SE than it is for those of us with real winters so I don't know what yours is like.  But wait till you taste Celeste!

Subject: Hit or miss fig quality Replies: 12
Posted By: rcantor Views: 314
Welcome!  Many people feel that BT is an inferior fig.  Not Dennis, though  :)  A lot depends on your weather.  You don't state but does your, "aloha" mean you're from Hawaii?  Location is key to determining which plants should do best for you.

Subject: So many Varieties! Help me decide. Also container advice? Replies: 14
Posted By: rcantor Views: 525
Welcome to the forum!  I'll leave the recommendations to those in your area but you're off to a great start!

Subject: In ground fig found in Ohio!!!!!!! Replies: 53
Posted By: rcantor Views: 1,085
I don't know what this is but my HC grows several stems to 15' each year and I cut it back to the ground.  2 or 3 years ago the stems only got to 12 feet. 

Subject: Thoughts on these varieties? Replies: 11
Posted By: rcantor Views: 466
Thanks!  This is not my collection but ones that I might add.  :)  My plan has always been exactly what Charles mentioned.  Unfortunately

1. the weather is different every year so a fig that's great one year doesn't usually repeat the performance.  Only Hardy Chicago has been consistently good.

2. I'd prefer not to buy and try all these if someone else has experience.   :)

Subject: OT- prayer request Replies: 73
Posted By: rcantor Views: 1,733
I hope your remission is permanent.  Best of luck.


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