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First Fresh Fig in KC, MO Z6 - Italian Honey Breba rcantor 103 1
by VeryNew2Figs
Suggest figs for urban farmer with greenhouse rcantor 209 4
by rcantor
Thoughts on these varieties? rcantor 466 11
by Garlic_Mike
Fig class cancelled rcantor 325 5
by pino
N California Z 9 with wasp - What are her 3 best figs? rcantor 98 1
by paully22
Anyone have Fiorono Ruvo for me? rcantor 116 1
by TorontoJoe
To whom do I owe figs? rcantor 312 3
by rcantor
Need Cuttings for Fig Class rcantor 291 7
by Jodi
Organza Bags Defeated rcantor 179 3
by rcantor
Fertilizing with P & K to increase flavor and speed up fig ripening? rcantor 429 13
by rcantor
Anyone from California want to send me some wasp laden profichi? rcantor 68 0
by rcantor
A few of you donated fig cuttings for my propagation workshop - Thanks and pictures! rcantor 264 10
by Jodi
Pinching to get a branch to fruit: What varieties does this work for and what varieties don't respond with fruits. rcantor 379 12
by baumgrenze
Grow your own Saffron. rcantor 666 21
by SDA
WTB: 40 cuttings each of Celeste, Desert King and a mix of Peter's and/or Italian Honey rcantor 316 6
by bigbadbill
You can stop people from offering cuttings here or you can encourage them to continue offering cuttings here. Here's how. rcantor 756 29
by Todd
Is one type of wax better than another for sealing fig branches? rcantor 349 16
by Smyfigs
My First Ronde de Bordeau rcantor 507 17
by Gr8Figs
New (to me) fertigation device rcantor 158 0
by rcantor
Today's Brebas: Adriatic Grasa and OR Prolific rcantor 139 0
by rcantor
Anna's Bronx White: Good brebas 2 years in a Row rcantor 308 4
by eboone
If I owe you a plant and you haven't heard from me after 7/4/15, 6 pm, please contact me. rcantor 251 0
by rcantor
Join igive, sign up to support F4F and $5 goes to the foundation rcantor 182 1
by Gordenia
Whoever sent me these, please identify yourself :) rcantor 301 0
by rcantor
Treasure trove of fig trees from Italy rcantor 755 12
by Ruuting

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