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Black Madeira finally going to ripen? OctopusInc 177 6
by Courtney
Looking to trade for or buy peloponnisiaka aspra sika, & pradiso OctopusInc 51 0
by OctopusInc
Transition from rooted to pot growing, where am I going wrong? OctopusInc 426 9
by adipose
Looking for white greek, white ischia, sumacki, berbera/bebera, and bourjasotte gris figs OctopusInc 363 9
by jaylyne
Looking to trade for or buy: Jolly Tiger, Col De Dame Grise, Berabera/Bebera black OctopusInc 648 9
by BLB
Sicilian Red first harvest! OctopusInc 428 8
by musillid
Dark Portugal, goat cheese, bacon, and a lesson on what not to do! OctopusInc 531 16
by svanessa
OT: Need ideas to cool orchid terrarium. OctopusInc 282 2
by schaplin
Why do figs split? OctopusInc 295 1
by Aaron4USA
Galicia Negra, a tale of triumphant recovery! OctopusInc 1,686 30
by Aaron4USA
Figo Preto first fig! OctopusInc 864 19
by waynea
Fig Wasps have zinc tipped drillbits! OctopusInc 240 0
by OctopusInc
Col de Dama Blanc? OctopusInc 676 5
by Sas
LED vs T5? OctopusInc 2,081 15
by OctopusInc
OT: help me ID this plant? OctopusInc 486 6
by bullet08
some dying cuttings post-roots OctopusInc 575 5
by Matt_from_Pittsburgh
Carnivorous plant sale! *f4f foundation benefit* OctopusInc 1,519 44
by tmc2009
Mail ordering fresh figs? OctopusInc 5,934 19
by Gr8Figs
Coffee grounds in compost OctopusInc 1,070 13
by tylerj
Roots roots roots! OctopusInc 866 13
by Dieseler
Red Sicilian (finally!) and Atreano OctopusInc 521 6
by OctopusInc
Black Madeira success! OctopusInc 1,538 28
by Maro2Bear
Grow your own sphagnum moss! OctopusInc 9,687 15
by JackHNVA
Indoor Dormancy: defeated! OctopusInc 825 11
by Dieseler
Nature's Gnat Solution
1 2
OctopusInc 4,481 80
by OctopusInc

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