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Cutting losing leaves after transplant to soil figgi11 123 1
by Lewi
Leaf on cutting drooping after transplant from water to soil figgi11 119 1
by pino
Easy method for propagation. Opinions please! figgi11 519 18
by figgi11
First Celeste Figs of the Season figgi11 169 4
by figgi11
Miracle Gro Fruit and Citrus tree fertilizer spikes figgi11 178 4
by figgi11
Inground Celeste in North Central NJ figgi11 157 4
by figgi11
When do inground trees start to put out fruit in zone 6? figgi11 159 3
by figgi11
Anyone growing peach trees in Midatlantic region! figgi11 71 3
by eboone
Inground trees taking a beating during Mid-Atlantic heat wave! figgi11 193 5
by livetaswim06
Looking for true Hardy Chicago ship to NJ figgi11 77 0
by figgi11
Pictures of your inground trees NOW from New England and Mid-Atlantic Members figgi11 632 21
by deerhunter16b
Help with a Celeste cutting figgi11 138 2
by figgi11
Bud on separation of old wood and new wood figgi11 80 2
by figgi11
35 degrees overnight low figgi11 182 9
by figgi11
Removing Exposed Surface Roots on Inground Trees figgi11 177 6
by FigTrees2013
Safe to uncover trees in NJ? figgi11 734 40
by figgi11
At what temperatures is it safe to unwrap trees figgi11 75 2
by figgi11
Overwintered Indroors Potted Kadota already putting out new leaves and brebra figgi11 104 3
by figgi11
Watering dormant potted trees in shed figgi11 113 3
by gofiger
What to place on top of large wrapped tree when 5 gal bucket too small? figgi11 144 4
by jdsfrance
Time to wrap? figgi11 81 3
by chucklikestofish
Winterizing Outdoor Fig Trees - Zone 6 figgi11 285 6
by magnificco
Fig ID figgi11 90 3
by figgi11
Inground Fig Progression Zone 6/7 figgi11 478 15
by paully22
Pictures of your inground fig trees now in zone 6 figgi11 1,131 38
by figgi11

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