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Subject: Cutting losing leaves after transplant to soil Replies: 1
Posted By: Lewi Views: 123
Dont overwater. Use a moisture meter. give a bit more filtered sunlight. Make sure pots have good drainage.

Post further qeustions on

Sorry for the berevity. Sadly, this forum is going away...

Subject: Forum is closed Replies: 3
Posted By: Lewi Views: 556
I think if the owner of the site says "goodbye" it is time to take his good advice, act like adults, and move on.

Jon is being nice by leaving the mobile up, please use this time to give poeple in your PM box alternate means of communication. (E-mail, etc.).

Subject: Removed three Ronde de Bordeaux Air Layers Replies: 1
Posted By: Lewi Views: 206
Times are rough, money politics, control and eugenics is the new abnormal.

Subject: 10th Anniversary Replies: 40
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,126
i appreciated the hands off approach, way better than over moderation...

Still, maybe a few hand picked moderators could be of serious value, if they share your ideas and values. I understand you also run a business, and if this forum is now a liability, that would be very sad.

You were clear on the 7 dollar tree thread that was not likely to deliver when you locked that thread. I am sorry some have thrown very unfounded accustions against your character.

I wish to thank you for expanding my Fig and general gardening knowledge...with your website and via your forum.

Subject: Wellspring figs Replies: 45
Posted By: Lewi Views: 849
Originally Posted by Lewi
My wellsprings Texas Everbearing is about 9ft tall after light pruning, it's about 3 years old and has many figs in it.

Buy multiples of one cultivar, not all TC thrive.

And an update....

Last year, the late season "TX everbearing" was yellow Brown, so far so good, but this year it is pretty much just Yellow, and I am thinking it is another Agristarts special...

And while it is big, and loaded with figs, the eye does not stay as tight as I would like...

Oh well, about the only figs I would get from them would be a HC or VDB -beers Black.

They are a discount outfit, and as noted are not going to send you any trees if they or thier supplier bungs up.

The "free" agipanthis's flowers they sent are great in the deep south, and the multiply...just FYI.

Subject: How to reach people at Replies: 49
Posted By: Lewi Views: 2,364
Originally Posted by BigO
For the record, I am still on the side of optimism. I always felt this was a grassroots cheap way to get some unique varieties. Prepaying in exchange for not having to deal with bare roots, or insane eBay prices felt was a mutually beneficial setup. I feel some people on here, had dreams of starting a FIG empire using James as a source of their financial endeavor. Why else would anyone order so many trees?? I feel these people are not the target audience that James was aiming for, and may have stress the system to the verge of collapse. It seems like, a system has been established and future offerings should go smoother.

In the end if I get my trees, I'll be okay having been the test dummies in helping James get his system down. 

So you are Ok with him selling 3 gallon trees, and if you want 10 or more just "make multiple orders"? (Its on his website as of right now!)

Why blame those who ordered? Because some lady in Thailand wanted to start a fig orchard -business, and trusted James, so now the customer is to blame? Blaming the victim is EVIL. Pure evil.

James W Sperman, , Webaisles , etc. Had the capacity to close the ordering season at any time but decided to take the money instead...

The burden is on the seller to deliver, not on the purchaser to beg forgiveness for ordering.

Subject: French amateur looking for real "Italian 258" cuttings. Replies: 33
Posted By: Lewi Views: 706
Originally Posted by zielin
Hi LaFigue,

Thank you for taking your time to offer me this search link, there are some very interesting things.

Hi Fico,

It is true that nothing is worth the experience of doing and living. This is how we discover incredible things, including preferences for a particular variety on the sole basis of our feelings.

To answer your question I invested a little time in my research, notably on the botanical and physiological aspect of the fig trees, which is a very interesting tree!

On the other hand I would not put huge financial sums for a fig tree for the simple reason that I do not have the financial means and the sufficient skills in cuttings.

For me it's a passion not an obsession, which prompted me to make my request on the forum is not greed but curiosity, a little awkward it is true. I have room to have a single variety, which is why I would like to make the best choice.

But that's enough to say no and I understand. Since the time I posted on this forum and on ourfigs I have made good progress;).

In truth all the varieties of fig trees are interesting, it is up to us to choose among them according to our needs and situations.

While my take on this is slightly different, I agree there is no need for outright insults.

People who ask for "chairity" can be ignored if you do not wish, or are not able to give. If you feel the request was "cheeky" then at least a good natured rebuke like fygmalion did will lighten the mood and get the point accross.

Subject: French amateur looking for real "Italian 258" cuttings. Replies: 33
Posted By: Lewi Views: 706
Originally Posted by fygmalion
Greetings, "Zielin", Florianus Martinus or whatever your real and proper name is. Welcome to the forum. Its nice to see that you are thorough in your search for freebie's of "one or two real "Italian 258", "Figo Preto" or "Genoverse Nero AF" cuttings" having now posted essentially the same ask on FFF, Ourfigs and the European Figs interest group on FB. Having the temerity to make your first posts on these pages all about asking for people to generously hand over valuable cuttings of these varieties to you, I don't know why you have decided to short change your ask (you after all self described yourself as "Greedy").... I would suggest that you raise the stakes and request  "LUV", Bordisott Negra Rimada, Oro and a few other interesting varieties as well. It only seems logical to me that if someone is going to ship you free cuttings of these varieties and you pay for shipping, the least you might do is maximize the return on your investment. Best of luck in your acquisition search and I look forward to reading many of your future posts sharing details of your growing successes with these varieties...

At least some of us can approach this with a sense of humor.

Honestly, Zelin, you will have better success if you look for hardy chicago / MBVS. Those would fit your needs and keep your belly full of figs. I personally would look for a reasonably priced mount Etna type fig in Europe.

Have you scouted out your town, city, or province for tasty figs yet? How much land do you have to cultivate?

Subject: Brand New Unknown Replies: 9
Posted By: Lewi Views: 296
If you look up the name of the farm owner, you could then find what town he came from in the ellis Island database...will at least give you a region.

Let me know if you want to trade cuttings. :)

Subject: Not a brown turkey Replies: 4
Posted By: Lewi Views: 143
You really had a stroke of good luck, that is a much beloved fig, and much harder to aquire than BT.
where did you get it?

Subject: OT: New Trifoliate Orange Root Stock Replies: 18
Posted By: Lewi Views: 275
Look up "Thomasville Citrangequat" may be more hardy than Satsuma.

Subject: My dad Showing off Replies: 5
Posted By: Lewi Views: 308
Very good looking figs, he has a right to brag a bit, especially in CT. :)

Subject: HEY, JON Replies: 5
Posted By: Lewi Views: 420
Originally Posted by pitangadiego
Don't know at this point.

That is what I was most concered about...delisting and blaming the foundation.

Subject: HEY, JON Replies: 5
Posted By: Lewi Views: 420
I am glad you are asking, I found that Figs4Fun was not on their list of chairitable orgs.

Hopefully Jon will clairify things.

Subject: Another Fig ID Replies: 5
Posted By: Lewi Views: 133
Bump, and please post a downsized pic for those of us who don't use facebook. ;)

Subject: Leaves changing from fingered to spade Replies: 14
Posted By: Lewi Views: 278
Very common with other types of Figs putting on growth spurts, it means they are happy. :)

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,795
Neat. I guess I saw what I wanted to see on my little phone screen. :) furthest south I have been is Mexico City, my health is not great (lyme, etc.), else I would belt grind out a few sharp implaments. :)

Some artists in my family (grandmother and eldest daughter) and way back, one Spannish poet who had to buy his certificado de sangre puro. Homeschooling and the land (FIGs) has kept me very busy...

Subject: Green Ischia Question Replies: 4
Posted By: Lewi Views: 166
Likely an Agristarts substitute for a tree that had too much FMV to deal with...mine came from Lowes on sale at end of season for around 5.77 (if memory serves correct) is a vigorous tree.

For those who just got one labled "Ischia", prune to one branch, feed well, and watch it take off.

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,795
Originally Posted by mgginva

I'm not sure exactly what you are saying in your first sentence. As far as "latest greatest" not producing in my area -- that is an issue. I could pay an absurd amount of money to get , say, the greatest fig variety from Pons and it might fail miserably here in humid VA. Figs grow very differently in different climates. But all the "latest greatest" I was talking about were sold to me by someone living in the same zone and climate type as mine.
Now if he actually was growing these trees and producing figs he considered very good from those trees it would be one thing, but that isn't the case with all of these trees. I don't sell varieties until I have grown them and they have proven very good or great. I follow this procedure and very much agree with Hermann about it as he was the first to set these rules out. 
"These bums" I think you are asking about have disappeared - at least for the last few years - all except one who occasionally still visits the forums. They are not on "the other forum" if you are speaking of
Where in VA did you plant that one fig and what was it as it might deserve a visit if close enough to my farm?
I do not think of myself as an expert either, just someone with a lot of trees who grows and sells a number of trees and figs every year and has over the last 11 years gained some experience I'm willing to pass on. Before figs my x and I grew Filberts (1100+ trees) and various fruit trees - especially antique southern apples. I am very interested in the scientific approach and do read a lot of what I can find.
Thank you for your post.

I planted a "brown Turkey" bought for 6 dollars on sale from Home Quarters in Norfolk Virginia...likely not worth your gas. ;) My folks sold the place, in 2002, and I have no idea if it is still around.

I am always curious as to who is a trustworthy seller. Glad to hear most of that lot are not around, but there is always another scammer lurking.

1100+ filberts is a lot of trees, and a lot if work..sorry it did not pan out for you. I see you have a avitar on OF checking the straightness of a you smith? I have some Mark Marrow blades, and a phillipino gladius.

Subject: Fat Preto video Replies: 14
Posted By: Lewi Views: 269
Originally Posted by figpig_66

It's not tree years so the time is actually 2 years 30 days after this they are not considered forbidden fruit. So you may be holding out on good figs. !!

Ha. Love it. Depends if you plant before the 16th of Av, in order to count as it's first year. or if the tree was bare root, or in a container. It was not my intent to discuss Torah Topics, so I simplified matters. PM sent.

Subject: Fig trees in Poland. Replies: 39
Posted By: Lewi Views: 2,167
That is one really hardy tree to get 2 crops in Poland. Obviously, you put a lot if work in to it.

The concensus on the fig forums in the USA is Michurisnska-10 is called Florea in the USA. But there seems to be many strains, as there is the fig wasp in Bulgaria, seedlings were likely common. Any thoughts on that?

Subject: Fat Preto video Replies: 14
Posted By: Lewi Views: 269
Originally Posted by FiggyFrank
Thanks, everyone.
Lewi, I bet you get figs in 2 years.  Shoot, you may even see a couple next year.  I believe I tasted my first Preto the 2nd year here in zone 7.  No greenhouse at the time either.

Quite likely...I dont eat the fruit for about 3 years due to the biblical commandment of Orlah. I try to pinch them, but I dont always get them all.

Subject: Experimental Fig Orchard Replies: 7
Posted By: Lewi Views: 177
Ok, got it. I have heard of the same issues in South Carolina, sorry to hear about VA., it is not very plausable that the phenomena is 100% natural. We had an April 15th hard freeze here, fig trees were dammaged even covered, but still produced a crop, just not as early, or as much.

So now the search begins for strains that stay dormant...

Subject: Experimental Fig Orchard Replies: 7
Posted By: Lewi Views: 177
If you do cut the other trees down, maybe wait a few years untill they decline? Chrries and plums are good back up for a super harsh winter.

Either way, you need the most cold hardy cultivars with the most vigor...Chicago Hardy, MBVS, Hollier, etc. If you can keep them from dying back, eventually the will need much less winter protection. DO you intend to expand for a commercial venture, or is this a family food plot?

Subject: Fat Preto video Replies: 14
Posted By: Lewi Views: 269
Very jammy, very nice. ;) my wife just got us a Figo Preto from Tyro (Paul), he shipped it very well, and it is bouncing back nicely...

Only about three years before I can taste it, but it will be worth the wait. Nice to see a non-caprified fig live to it's reputation.

Subject: Online Retail Nurseries Replies: 4
Posted By: Lewi Views: 230
Just so you know, some tisue culture cultivars grown by agristarts may not be the exact (correct), and some are...IMHO they substtute weak FMV prone-laden cultivars with a healthy unknown....

Just look up "Ischia" and agristarts on the search engine....the are cheap and usually healthy, so it's you choice.

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,795
Originally Posted by mgginva
There is a couple more issues that upset a number of folks I spoke with;

There was a group of members that would brag about how big their collections were and how much they knew (not always true statements) and this would give them not necessarily deserved respect and trust.
Newbies that were chasing the "fad figs" understandably listened to what they had to say. They, after all, had the figs the newbies wanted.
One of the things they had to say was that certain "new" figs were just wonderful and were absolutely must haves.
Then one of the members of this small group would sell that fig on Ebay and the newbies and some members would bid the price up to amounts that the figs did not deserve.

I ended up with all these figs and can tell you so far not one of them is in my top 10%.
It was a scam to prey on members - especially newbies.
A number of folks saw through it - oddly enough from the folks I spoke with it seemed like women saw through it most effectively.
Anyway it was just another thing going on that left a bad taste in folks mouths.

As far as I know this is not happening any more as all but one of these folks doesn't visit any more (Jon did "prune" one of them - for other reasons - but nonetheless).

When I was a newbie I did all the things newbies do wrong.

Including paying for and chasing figs because they were "the new great varieties" although the most I ever spent was $86.50 - I burned that plant this year as it never lived up to the hype.
FYI - I also burned another of these "fad figs" this year as well. The rest of the "fad figs" I have are still safe as all figs I collect get a certain amount of time to prove their worth.

Jon does not police this forum and I don't blame him as it isn't his job to fact check posts. I can also say that Jon wouldn't be involved in this kind of thing and as he moderates in his own way he is not responsible for sniffing out these sorts of things.

Second issue; The one thing I have yet to do is name a fig that is an unknown. I personally think all unknowns need the designation of unknown. If someone needs to name a fig they should at least place unk after the name. The confusion caused by folks just naming trees they've found in hopes that they've found the next great fig (or stroking their egos) is unnecessary and irresponsible in my opinion (yes - just my opinion so no need to get upset and feel a need to answer this). It is also my opinion that this is another negative issue that bothers a certain number of people - especially the folks looking for a site where they can get facts and valuable research.
Let me give an example of why it bugs me so much. I have a fig called Morena that I got from Gene Hosey's collection. It came from a nursery in either Germany or Switzerland. This nursery has been accused of taking other people's figs and renaming them and claiming they breed or at least helped develop them in some manner. After way too much time spent I have finally found the fig I'm pretty confident they renamed Morena (Bella Brunetta Rossa). Their dishonesty cost me a lot of time and effort and just adds to the confusion that people who are trying to ID the best figs for their niche have to endure.

Please do not get upset because I have opinions. This is one of the things that creates problems on these forums  - that people take things personally and get upset. Unless I name you specifically please remember to take a breath and count to ten.

In this topic I've discussed some negative things from the past and with the exception of naming figs I don't think they really apply to this forum as it operates today. So please lets keep this forum running with the decorum it seems to have developed as it seems quite civilized these days.

Sorry some if the "latest greatest" trees could not even produce in your area...are these bums on the O.ther F.orum, or are they gone with the wind?

Truely, I am thankful for the "OLD Timers" here, and the knowledge they imparted. I planted exactly 2 fig trees between 1995 and 2005, one in VA., And one in the
middle east... overseas I worked in vineyards, planted Citrus Medica, olive trees, apple and Pomagranite, Apple, general gardening, etc.

I never considered myself an expert (and still do not), because I tend to do things by feel rather than a pure scientific approach, it works for me.

There are many "new" members who will have good things to contribute to these forums, and I honestly appreciate your approach to most matters...

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,795
Originally Posted by dkirtexas
This post is in support of Mike's (MGGINVA) earlier post.

On the subject of naming unknown figs........STOP IT!!!!! any fig that you find has already been found somewhere by someone and it most likely has a name, the fact that you do not know the name does not give you license to name it.

HERE IS A BOLD STATEMENT....there is not a single person on this forum that has the credentials or has done the research to (RE)name a fig.  There is a great miscarriage of responsibility perpetuated by nurseries using "boutique" names to sale more trees.  This miscarriage is also done by people on these forums, if you want to call a fig by a "pet" name at least have the decency to use the UNK or UNKNOWN term somewhere in the name.  Long after you have gone from this forum your irresponsibility will be perpetuated by the people that you traded, sold, or gifted the misnamed trees to.  In some cases there is out and out FRAUD committed by these kind of people.

I do mean this to be harsh, this is a serious problem, we are stewards of our hobby and there needs to be some responsibility inherent to membership in this community.

I am confident such statements would be qualified with certain exceptions...such as a wild seedling in a southern California creek bed...

Old timers going...well I was quite miffed when Vasily left, but this is an electronic forum, communication is often lacking in context, body language (non existant), tone, and yes we do have virtual cock fights on this forum.

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Subject: My First Malta Black Replies: 11
Posted By: Lewi Views: 351
One Malta Black that I did not get to smelled like a yellow peach fruity sub-acid...I did not taste it, and threw it out as it is too young to be year we will be allowed to partake...

Love the "closed" eye.

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Subject: ot irma Replies: 11
Posted By: Lewi Views: 135
W/o refrigeration its very hard to store is the food-water supply down there?

Subject: Hurricane, Which two varieties would you save? Replies: 4
Posted By: Lewi Views: 119
Maybe its emotion talking, but I would first make sure my family was safe, then I would take one of every cultivar, 80% or more I would take...they are valuable plant genetic material, and I would only leave behind the least productive-tasty.

Obviously this would take too much time. So you make your preperations accordingly. ;)

Posted By: Lewi Views: 260

Good to see you (and your figs) pulled through.


We had leaf dammage (some pretty bad) only on some cultivars, all will be fine, blessings and prayers for those in much worse circumstances.

Subject: Hardy Chicago Replies: 10
Posted By: Lewi Views: 347
Kind of a grey zone IMHO, do we really want folks to look askanse at a southern Californian seller because of a disclaimer? What language would you suggest that would be fair to both buyer and seller? (An honest question, not an attack on anyone.).

Subject: Stella Replies: 21
Posted By: Lewi Views: 413
Originally Posted by Frankallen

I have never had a problem with "One Green World" I have bought several trees from them and they all turned out to be the cultivar I had ordered. : )

My order years ago was a fair amount of seabuckthorn and one stone pine....none of which are alive today. The one pine got run over three times before it died.

Cant comment on figs, but Seabuckthorn from OGW tends to be stunted due to the small pot it grows in, and they do not recover well (bare root is much better). Other people have had that issue as well. Stone pine can be had very cheap from the university of Austin (like 2 bucks a seedling), and even with the persistant droughts here some survived and are doing OK with little to no additional water.

Glad your orders went well, and if you say they are GTG for figs, if they still sell Stella, then I would consider them as a source.

Subject: Stella Replies: 21
Posted By: Lewi Views: 413
Originally Posted by crademan
Thanks for posting those beautiful photos, Frankallen. I can't help but want one! Can anyone comment on how well Stella would produce figs if growing in Zone 9b's summer heat?

A Duckduckgo .com search says Stella loves the heat...most figs do if thier roots are kept mulched and fed plenty of water...the same search said cool desert nights delays ripening...

The same search told me Stella was originally sold by "one green world" mail order nursery, and is the name of a southern Italian town.

caveat, I do not have stella, and I do not recommend "One green World".

Subject: Portuguese figs Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 390
The Lampa Branca sounds especially nice...great pics.

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
Originally Posted by haslamhulme
Glad to hear you were spared the worst of it Lewi,times like are sent to test us and remind us whose really in charge,and it isn't us lol!


Subject: Hardy Chicago Replies: 10
Posted By: Lewi Views: 347
Your HC does not look like GC's because it aint Caprified by the fig wasp....;)

Lampo had a nice series of post called "fig wasp service..." it had lots of eye candy for those of us who live in the majority of North America (outside of So. Cal.) Who lack Caprifigs and fig wasps.

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
Pino, it was pretty big, thankfully it lost a lot of steam before hitting naples FL and Tampa. We came out with just some minor dammage to inground trees, especially those at higher spots...some weaker trees like sand pines fell down.

The highways are clogged with evacuees returning home, some shelves are depleted at the local Walmart (like diapers, water, plastic cups and paper plates,vegetables,etc.)...but Gasoline and most commodities can be had where I am.

I can only immagine what others are going through, thank G-d we are fine....others are not so blessed right now.

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
Thanks to all, it is still gusting and raining here...had to put a tarp over the chicken pen-coop this morning to keep the chicks dry....the wet I can handle, but the cold and wind is a totally soaked giving feed and clean water to our animals....

Center of storm is east of us by about 120 miles...but the bands of wind-rain extend many hundreds of miles.

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
The latest:

Irma has a very large wind field. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 60 miles (95 km) mainly to the west of the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 415 miles (665 km). The Mayport Naval Station near Jacksonville, Florida, recently reported sustained winds of 68 mph (109 km/h) and a wind gust of 87 mph (141 km/h).

That's what we have now, lots of wind and rain...reports of millions without power...I am on solar power just hoping we get some sun tommorow...not likely but you never know...

Subject: Sometimes the label is right Replies: 7
Posted By: Lewi Views: 222
"Ischia" by agristarts, sold by nurseries to big bix stores is a mystery to me, maybe a "white Ischia" ;)

either way, train to one branch and watch it take off, it is healthy and productive.

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
Originally Posted by haslamhulme
Lewi,if you read this buddy,just said a lil prayer for you and yours and all the folks in the path of this thing,God willing everyone stays safe

Inshalla, thank you. :) Hopefully this time the forecasters will be correct and this storm will skirt us. We do what we can, the rest we leave to G-D. :)

Edited to add...the beast is ashore now...moving up central Florida from the west coast...please G-D spare the decent folk...and help find merit to save those in need!

Subject: Hurricane Irma Replies: 13
Posted By: Lewi Views: 323
Originally Posted by NoelG_123
If inclined, please pray for our members in Florida. Our member/friend "Lewi" and his family lives in rural West Florida and is in the path. Grace. Peace. Hope and Protecion to you Lewi and yours.  

5 For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his sacred tent and set me high upon a rock.

Thank you Noel, and here I was worried about close relatives in Miami...we slaughtered 4 geese today, and did our best to secure all the trees...some pots made it inside or in a shed, some I just lashed together, as they are in a small gully beside the house, semi protected...made sure all the inground trees are staked and secured...picked up all debries around the trailer....we have been doing some work on the trailer, so lots of things to do.

Looks like we will get a brush with this storm, but not the full fury..but one never it is unseasonably cool, and I worry about our 11 day old chicks keeping warm, just added a heating pad to their coop to go with the heat lamp.

Speaking of saftey in the sanctuary, King Joash was hidden there for quite a while untill the bloodthirsty Queen Athalia was dispacthed Lewiim (levites). :) see Chronicles II Chapter 23, kings II chapter 11.

Subject: Scammed!!!!! Replies: 11
Posted By: Lewi Views: 641
Sorry that happened. As for taste, some figs take 6 years to taste good, and some never produce well in pots.

Subject: Too late to fertilize? Replies: 4
Posted By: Lewi Views: 240
That's still OK if you use a quick release fertilizer like Miracle grow (Jon, the owner of this forum uses 1/2 strength for potted plants, I use full strength only on inground trees, but give it a full watering one hour before the miracle grow...this is Jon's method and it works great).

Subject: Cover cropping around fig trees? Replies: 8
Posted By: Lewi Views: 251
Originally Posted by tennesseefig
Lewi that is interesting, I have been wondering about that as well.  I have some Red Hard Winter Wheat seed, in my zone winter rye would work better but isn't as awesome as winter wheat as a harvestable crop.  I was thinking I would try to eventually stick with just clover.  Are you obedient to Torah?  If so what is your stance on using cover crops?

I am bound by the oath my people took at MT Sinai. Cover crops are fine in terms of Kilayim (mixing species) so long as they are species that do not readily mix, sowing grains beside trees is fine.

As for what I actually do...having no tractor, and less energy than I would like, I use mulch and a gallon of miracle grow a week (Jon's method). :)

Posted By: Lewi Views: 260
Put them by the biggest window you have, if that is boarded up, you could leave them under a grow light...even if power fails at least you tried. thinks this will hit the if you must evac. Dont sweat it too much, trees can be replaced, lives can not.

Btw I have put trees in a dark shed for 3 days with no issues.

Subject: Cover cropping around fig trees? Replies: 8
Posted By: Lewi Views: 251
I never grew wheat (intentionaly) but this is the idea from the Arabs who plant winter wheat around the olive trees.

Subject: Pino's 2017 (main crop) Figs Replies: 56
Posted By: Lewi Views: 1,090
Motto Gratzi for the reply Pino, I think it has that "look" if you know what I mean ( both leaf and fruit)...I hope to receive Bass's version,s that is what I was referring to.  Happy extended harvest.


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