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Subject: grow bags vs Plastic Containers Replies: 5
Posted By: 11eleven Views: 157
My limited experience with grow bags that i sewed myself from some landscape cloth i bought at costco...

1. the soil does not seem to not dry out as fast as the plastic pots do
2. roots do not circle round and round - they seem to just end in little fine roots...not sure if that is good or not for fruit production.
3. water seems to absorb better as there is less shrinkage on the sides due to the flexibility of the fabric.
4. folds in the fabric attract lots of bugs so I assume they are more plant friendly as well?

1. not stiff, they sag a lot but maybe the professionally made ones are more sturdy?
2. messy looking (bag has white stains from water evaporation/fertilizer leakage?)
3. hard to remove plant without cutting bag (probably the way i made the ones will be made with a larger opening)
4. figs seem to want to grow horizontally rather than vertical (lots more runners and side branching/bushy, ones growing in pots seem to be more tree like but that may be because of the variety of fig?)
5. i had to use a sewing machine (getting that thread through the needle hole was a pain)
6. i'm scared to move them too much because its a bag and i'm afraid the roots will break as the bag flexes

Conclusions so far...
1. use the bag as a liner inside a pot/bucket or some sort of frame to give it some structure, especially if i go bigger than 20" opening
2. not sure if figs like them more or will produce more fruit for the extra effort but my potatoes sure do
3. best bags i've made are from old 18kg rice bags that i re-purposed, nice and stiff compared to landscape cloth ones.

Posted By: 11eleven Views: 869
How about meeting at a garden centre somewhere that is fig friendly in the GTA?  i've always wanted to go to Angelo's Garden Centre or John's Garden.

Subject: Niagara, Ontario Fig Growers? Replies: 7
Posted By: 11eleven Views: 139
lots of people from ontario here. i'm in toronto and just started last year.


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