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Subject: Congratulations Tim on Your New Farm Replies: 27
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,351
Congratulations and all good wishes to your venture Tim.

Subject: LSU O' Rourke Replies: 7
Posted By: paully22 Views: 599

Subject: High Quality Taste - Yugo Yellow(Dusan) Replies: 6
Posted By: paully22 Views: 742
Productive Yugo Yellow tree --- Main crop 2014

Subject: Aida Replies: 10
Posted By: paully22 Views: 643
Hope its taste surpass its good looks. A late one ??

Subject: OT: Persimmons Replies: 119
Posted By: paully22 Views: 4,209
@ Aaron - This year crop is one of the best. My tree had a big crop and I am so happy that at least 65% of them
aborted at various stages, giving rise to bigger fuyu's. Also, I prune my tree and new branches produces big fuyu's.
We had basket loads of fuyu's from this season harvest and we gave many to friends. I am sure my tree is
not a giant fuyu variety.

Subject: In ground trial: Florea (Two leaf shapes) Replies: 49
Posted By: paully22 Views: 2,812
I have been wanting to get rid of my IGO for a few years. It had never ripen for me and I was not sure
whether it needed the fig wasp. I got my tree from Jon after reading about its "mind blowing" taste. Looks
like I won't dig out my IGO knowing that it is a common fig type. I will air layer and grow it in my greenhouse
in pot culture.

Subject: Rob's Genovese Nero Not Replies: 9
Posted By: paully22 Views: 816
@ Andy, Figs in my green house never ripen to the same color as it would be in good sun, like in summer
months. Don't lose hope. Unless there was a mixed up, I think Rob has the genuine Genovese Nero as Rafed had
related to me during his visit to my place that he had shared cuttings with Rob. Rob lives just down the street from
Rafed. Perhaps next season Genovese Nero would ripen in nice hot weather. BTW, fig shape wise does have some
resemblance of my Genovese Nero.

Subject: Your Favorite Tasting Fig Replies: 82
Posted By: paully22 Views: 28,553
Too many high quality ones but most memorable ones are Gypsy, I-258, RdB, Enrico, Jack Lily,
O'Rourke, No name Dark & Granthams Royal.

Subject: Olympian Replies: 139
Posted By: paully22 Views: 10,433
I don't like the large open eye

Subject: Introduction and Tarantella pic Replies: 14
Posted By: paully22 Views: 716
On a scale of 10, I will score it at 6.5 -- hopefully it gets better with time. This is the 2nd season
it has ripen for me.

Subject: OT First day of buck season Replies: 10
Posted By: paully22 Views: 410
good hunting Ed and thanks for telling us the interesting history.

Subject: Looking for LaRadek Replies: 16
Posted By: paully22 Views: 944
Have you folks heard of the variety known as Valliery. Planet figs web page have description on this variety.

Subject: OT: Persimmons Replies: 119
Posted By: paully22 Views: 4,209
My Fuyu persimmons -- every other year we get a big harvest. Tree is about 20 yrs old

Subject: OT: Persimmons Replies: 119
Posted By: paully22 Views: 4,209
Excellent info. Every year I give away hundreds of Fuyu. This is the 1st year where we slice them
them and dehydrate. Man, they taste great. We eat them as snacks, yum yum. By the way do
you guys think the persimmons sold at large stores are ripen with the help of gases ? A friend told
me a large super market chain here have a ripening room for fruits, more so for bananas so that
they are ripen at the same time for sale.

Subject: anybody bought from gardencrochet on eBay? Replies: 54
Posted By: paully22 Views: 2,187
Its prudent to buy/trade from known collecters in F4F. Better still if they are active at F4F. I see some
ebay posting on some desired cuttings from unknown sellers. Where they get such varieties and does a good
job growing them and have available cuttings for sale is beyond my reasonings.

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
Productive Granthams Royal 2014 early June

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
Granthams main crop abort their figs here. It is a san pedro variant. With cooler summers here it is a happy choice.
Generally for main crop I rely on quite a few varieties like RdB, Latarrula, Osborne Prolific, O'Rourke, Salem Dark, Mt Ethna
type figs, Melanzana, Nebo, Genovese Nero, etc. A variant that I hope for main crop productivity is Jack Lily.

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
Nelson, I would not be sending you cuttings. I would make you an air layer so that you don't need to
wait 3 to 4 years. If it is reliable, DK would drop a notch as GR is really good tasting. This season I ate
5 or less DK because GR is so good tasting. GR ripens around the same time as DK.

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
Some pictures here of a ripe Granthams Royal fig. They do get darker. I don't normally let them go to that stage as they tend to disappear. Neighbours or strangers pick them as the tree is located up front close to the road. I have a guy that rides his bicycle from town and comes around to snack them especially my RdB's. Hopefully I can find pic of leaf shape in my computer. My friend Michael was in France in late July and he send me pictures of Dauphine figs he bought at a store. I sure hope they don't ripen in Oct. My tree has
exhibited lots of main crop. As a san pedro fig, they never ripen. With winter protection this year, good chance I will get to sample Dauphine in 2015. Breba crop is key to enjoying figs for me as during Fall, I get too involve with my fishing buddies.

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
Located in southern British Columbia, Canada, zone6/7.

@Kerry -- I will be sending my Filacciano away. It is quite similar to DK. I am taking out my extra DK and
planting another Granthams. I will be getting a replacement Olympian from a local collecter and hopefully
I can add Laradek BT to compliment my collection of awesome breba figs. Granthams Royal in my place is
awesome -- well balance taste, not overly sweet and juicy. My good friend Michael sample it and he too
concluded that it is better than DK.

Note -- I have Dauphine and thus far it is susceptible to die backs. Hence this season I have protected it.

Subject: My Awesome 2014 Breba Fig. Whats yours Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,790
My most awesome breba variant in 2014 for productivity, good fruit size and excellent taste is GRANTHAMS ROYAL. The fig looks much like Dauphine. I would certainly recommend this variant to all folks who rely on a good breba crop. As for reliability, I will give it one more season to confirm. My tree is about 6 yrs old. Grown in-ground and never protected in winter. My tree was imported from Jon. Mr.Jack Rice told me he gave Jon some cuttings. Many thanks to JRice for his unselfish mannerism in sending Jon cuttings. This variant would be the King for brebas in my yard if it is reliable.

Subject: 2014 pic Paradiso AF Replies: 10
Posted By: paully22 Views: 617
My Paradiso Gene never gave me one single ripe fig in 5 or more years. Its a big tree, over 6ft.
If I am correct, Paradiso Gene is a green fig whilst Paradiso AF is a colored fig. Yes, almost all
Paradiso AF branches are nicely laden with figs.

Subject: 2014 pic Paradiso AF Replies: 10
Posted By: paully22 Views: 617
Grown in a 10 gal pot outside the green house. Its breba crop is good too.

Subject: 2014 pic Paradiso AF Replies: 10
Posted By: paully22 Views: 617
Plant came to me as Paradiso from Adriano. Plant woke up late - like in mid to late June. Note
its productivity. A reliable variant and pretty good tasting.

Subject: How many figs/yr from 5yr old 8' wide in-ground trees? Replies: 40
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,431

Subject: Italian 258 (Ital258) late fruits ripe pix: Replies: 17
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,203
Nelson, I am sure I can help with an air layer next spring. Like Vasile said, it is an excellent tasting fig. I got a few ripe main crop figs. Don't waste time starting cuttings -- not only it is a difficult variant to root and it take years before you get a decent tasting fig. It sure took me over 5 years. All 3 attempts in rooting fail and I bought a tree. Another awesome one is I395.

Subject: What is your best green fig with red interior? Replies: 41
Posted By: paully22 Views: 3,428
Excellent pic's and collection Lampo. I think my friends here have nr1 and 3 here.

@Andreas -- I hope so too. It has a beautiful deep red interior inspite of the sampled fig about 60%

Subject: Dave Wilson trees arrived Replies: 21
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,405
Jon, do you have an update on available plants in your encanto page ? Last I check in Oct, it was 2013 list.

Subject: What is your best green fig with red interior? Replies: 41
Posted By: paully22 Views: 3,428
Outside a greek church here they have a tree where the fig exterior is lime colour with blood red interior. No
one knows its name. Going by hardly any figs drop to the ground, it could be a great tasting fig. I manage to sample
a couple of brebas that were not fully ripe. It was a productive tree and fig size is large. The office people at the church
tells me many people comes to get cuttings.

Subject: What is your best green fig with red interior? Replies: 41
Posted By: paully22 Views: 3,428
I read somewhere(unable to recall where) that Blansche Alasche has blood red interior. Hope someone has
a picture.

Subject: Winter storage questions Replies: 14
Posted By: paully22 Views: 716
Tyler, I did the same thing last season by using a tarp to block out the sun.

Subject: What's the best new fig variant taste 2012 Replies: 14
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,546
ebay buyers beware. Best to buy from known sellers. I rarely check ebay for fig materials and have never
bought fig materials on ebay. There are many good varieties around here as we have a large population of
migrants from lands of figs. Sharing is common and I have not come across any home owners who have
refused to give me cuttings. I have got invites to homes of strangers who saw my trees and invited me to
drop by to get cuttings or sample their figs. 

Morena is a productive and reliable tree. A keeper for me. Next season I would allow roots to grow in ground
from its pot.

Subject: Anyone Growing Figs in a Greenhouse? Replies: 29
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,006
Gives me a good head start especially the later variants & protection from potential spring frost/shelter to minimize
abortion due to cold spring night time temperatures. The cons are:

a. Colour of ripe figs not as intense
b. Not as tasty

Given the cons I experienced, I will bring the figs out of green house after mid June. Also, I have roof panels I can
remove. Please note my GH roofing is poly carbonate. I am not sure whether glass green houses outcomes are similar
to poly carbonate ones. I am thinking of adding a small glass green house for special variants like Cdds, I258, Gypsy,
Enrico, Maltese Falcon, Smith etc. 

Subject: My Black Madeira on BT - Update to include budding Replies: 46
Posted By: paully22 Views: 3,922
Congrats Harvey. Envy what you are doing. Here it is a little challenging as I have to do it in a pot and have it planted when
it grows bigger. Main constrain is the season is a little too short before cooler weather changes things.

Subject: Chinese Figs? Replies: 23
Posted By: paully22 Views: 3,752
Our worse Chinese food experience was in San Diego. Went to the wrong restaurant and found out too
late it was Latino style Chinese food.

Subject: been in and out of hospital for a week.. Replies: 55
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,775
Get well soon.

Subject: Hello. desrtking and variaty Question~ Replies: 8
Posted By: paully22 Views: 354
What zone are you in. Here in my zone 6/7, your benchmarks would suit what I have in-ground like Desert King, Conadria,
Osborne Prolific, Verns BT, Latarrula, Granthams Royal, Longue d'Aout

Subject: Don't think I've been sold the right fig... Replies: 13
Posted By: paully22 Views: 671
Brunswick. Well, if it ripens under good sunny weather, it is awesome tasting. Glad I did not kill
off all my Brunswick.

Subject: What to do about unhardened wood? Replies: 9
Posted By: paully22 Views: 607
I place a bucket(ends removed) and pile a bunch of dirt to protect root zone. Then I pile some dirt to shore up bucket. Next
I make an outer ring with chicken fence and use a pile of leaves to cover whole plant. I place a plastic sheet at the top and secure.
Kept my Dauphine alive last season. In 2012/13 winter I just did the dirt thing and the top got killed but root zone was protected.
I have also used a large plastic bin to cover 1 gal trees laid flat on ground. It seems to work. I understand Adriano does that and
he has some insulation to protect plants laid flat to ground. I will build some boxes & laid some 30+ potted trees to ground with
some insulation. Easier than hauling them to garage.

Subject: Fruit Flies and Figs. Yaks. Replies: 17
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,380
I have a big problem with fruit flies attacking main crop figs in late Sept when weather is cooler. Any one has this problem. These pests seems to arrive at the same time when my Italian prune plum ripens. Any solutions on control before they arrive

Subject: Baskinta Purple and Baskinta Brown Replies: 4
Posted By: paully22 Views: 482
I am keeping Brunswick for its awesome tasting brebas because they don't split as much when they ripen in less rainy weather in August. The other
main issue is fruit flies -- they are attracted to figs when they ripen.

Subject: Rooting in Coir Replies: 91
Posted By: paully22 Views: 5,942
Looks great Frank.Would get my brother to try the coir method. He is in similar zone -- tropics.

Subject: Is Black Genoa as same as Genovese Nero? Replies: 8
Posted By: paully22 Views: 926
Blk Genoa have been widely acknowledge as BT or a strain of BT. Also, Genovese Nero holds up pretty good to rain. I got a Blk Genoa in Melbourne, Australia for my brother and it is not the same.

Subject: Ital 258,fruit pix! Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,538
The best person for sciatica problems is to visit a good chiropractor. Whenever I have a sciatica problem my chiropractor fix me well at most 2 visits. I listen to my family Dr and I was in pain for a month until I visited the chiropractor

Subject: Catch of the day Replies: 11
Posted By: paully22 Views: 911
Congrats. Dave - which one taste best given this time of the year.

Subject: Angelos Dark vs Black Zadar Replies: 22
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,154
I wonder why it is call Blk Zadar. Any idea ?

Subject: Pic - Nero600(M) 10th Oct 2014 Replies: 26
Posted By: paully22 Views: 965
aka .... VALLECALDA. Would be better tasting with 2 more days on tree.

Subject: Pic - Kure Beach Fig, 8th Oct 2014 Replies: 4
Posted By: paully22 Views: 879

Subject: Noire de Caromb Replies: 25
Posted By: paully22 Views: 1,761
Came as NDC... is it really ? Main crop picture 8th Oct 2014. Will give it more time to ripen. Does
look like KK posting 17 above


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